What to do if you have been Stood Up ?

If you have only recently started to date and on a particular date, you find that your boyfriend does not turn up, what do you do? This is one of those instances that leave a void in your emotions and the inexplicable situation makes it a little embarrassing for you.

It is important that the reasons be fathomed to understand how you need to continue from there on.

The first thing that you should analyze is whether the communication has been clear or not. Given the hectic life schedules, there is quite a possibility of mis-communication and hence whenever you fix up a date, ensure that you write it somewhere.

Better still, send him a text so that both of you have a copy. You have the sent copy on your phone and he has one in the inbox. This will clear all air in case an explanation is required. Ensure that the directions of the place to meet have been clearly provided to avoid any room for ambiguity. If your date misses the place, then ensure that it is none of your fault first.

There are times when he will call you to tell you that he will not be able to make it for the meeting. In case he has not turned up, then certainly there will be an excuse given as to why has he not been able to make it.

Always be judicious and estimate the viability of the excuse. If an emergency has been sought as an excuse, get the full details to determine whether there could have been any better alternatives.

If it is a work related excuse, go through all that you know about his work and see if there is any chink in the armor of the excuse. Missing a date is not to be taken lightly as it is one of the pillars that helps establish relationships.

Keeping a date is also about honoring commitments. Find out whether your boyfriend is the kind who keeps his commitments regarding work and amongst his friends. It is important for a relationship to grow. In case he has not turned up, ensure that a friend is there that you can spend the time with.

But yes, you seriously need to do some thinking before you emotionally go forward anymore.

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