What Shoes to Wear with a Little Black Dress

It was Coco Chanel who introduced the Little Black Dress into a woman’s closet and sine then every woman has leaned towards having this article of clothing. This is one powerful item in your closet as it can be worn for a number of events and can be styled differently so that it makes a different statement every time. This dress is very versatile and the best way to accessorize it is with a pair of shoes. Depending on the event, time of the day and your role in the occasion you can choose your pair of shoes.

If you are wearing your outfit for an evening out or a cocktail party then wear metallic colored shoes. Silver, gold and metallic blue will compliment the dress and the occasion perfectly. The shape of the dress and your own body shape will help you to decide the style of the shoes. Pumps, flats and sandals look adorable with this dress.

If you opt to wear sandals then silver is your best bet. Ensure that your feet are well maintained and that your nails are clean and painted. Nail polish in a bright pink, lavender, or red will make your feet look stunning and will add to the beauty of your entire look.

If you are wearing a short black mini cocktail dress then you can also consider wearing a pair of boots. Try different styles of boots to understand what suits your best. Ankle boots, suede booties and even knee high boots will make you look very stylish. Once again you need to understand that your body shape and the shape of the dress will determine which pair of shoes suit you best.

If you are wearing a basic black dress you can choose to wear a pair of shoes with some bold embellishments. This means that shoe with rhineshones, bows, beads and pearls may make the outfit look stunning. If you choose to wear such a pair of shoes then ensure that they are not contrasting any other accessories that you may wear.

Patent leather and leather are safe materials to wear on black outfits. This means that you can choose to wear boots or any other pair of shoe in leather however check if they suit your style before you leave for the event.