What Men Want In Women

Women are said to be a bundle of mystery that even God cannot possibly solve. But here’s an interesting fact; men seem to be equally mysterious and intriguing as they find women to be.

It’s as if men and women are from two different planets and just cannot understand each other. So if there is a guy you want to impress and have no idea what he expects from a woman, here are some helpful hints.

Men like women who are independent and strong with respect to their life and job etc. They definitely don’t want a woman who is dreaming to become the country’s best housewife. But nothing can be generalized. There are some men who don’t care if you are ambitious or not. But in a general case, most men prefer women who can handle their own life.

Men also like women who speak out whatever they feel like, clearly and precisely, the way they understand. Hinting your man is never going to work because he’s never going to get what you are talking about or misinterpret it into something you never imagined. So, just so you won’t cause any misunderstanding, speak out your mind as clearly as possible, even if it means you need to sound rude.

Don’t nag too much about anything. Complaining too much about everything will have your man shut you out in an instant. This doesn’t mean you can’t talk about your problems, but don’t talk about it for hours at a stretch. Keep it brief and precise.

Also, don’t complain too much about your man’s habits and try to pick faults in everything he does. Nobody is perfect after all. One way to point out the fault without sounding like you are upset about it is to tease them about it or make fun of it in a non-offensive manner. Keep the mood light and you can see the difference it makes.

Don’t shut your man off sex entirely. Yes, you have to accept the fact that men love sex. But they can control when they have to. Let them know that forcing you is going to turn you off and that won’t lead him anywhere. One way to avoid this entirely is to make sure you don’t lead them on. Because once you get them excited, there’s no turning back. So if you are not looking for the real thing, don’t start it.

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