What Makes a Man Worthy of a Long Term Relationship?

Finding a man who is worth living with is the toughest thing these days. There are men all around, but most of them are not fit for committed long term relations. You should feel lucky if you manage to get your hands on some good catch. But how do you judge a man, whether he is worth being with you or not?

We have here a list of traits that you may want to check a man for before getting too far with him, only to realize later that he was a complete waste of time.

He is candid: a man, who can voice his opinions without hesitation, even if some of them may be annoying at times, makes for a better companion than one who stays silent. Its expressions that make a relationship meaningful, and if your man remains reserved in most matters you may never be able to get very intimate with him.

He is a rational fighter: we’re not talking about fighting in the rink, what we mean is that when it comes to conflicts and arguments if a man how to fight it the right way he is definitely worth sticking with. A man, who argues rationally and respectfully, doesn’t try to take a defensive shelter and can maintain a cool head, all through the argument makes for a wonderful companion.

He isn’t a couch bug: what fun can it are living with a man who spends most of the time in front of the TV or the computer. You want to spend some romantic or fun filled moments with your man, but if he is addicted to TV, internet or gaming, he won’t ever have the time for you. Such men are not fit for any relationships, because a woman living with such a man would in real essence be living all by herself.

He is money wise: you may be a bit offended when he stops you from being frugal at the malls, but a man who is prudent about money matters is certainly a good investment for your future. Ultimately we all need financial security, but most men today are too busy draining their money that they don’t have the time or the inclination to save money for the future. A man who does not take money matters seriously isn’t worth for a long term relationship.

He is ambitious and focused: today’s attraction filled world can be a real distraction, but a man who ignores distractions and stays focused onto his ambition does definitely achieve success. And who doesn’t want o be with an achiever? Focused and ambitious men are also not prone to cheating on their women, and you’d do good to hold on to such a man, provided he is not overambitious.

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Sidharth Thakur