What Makes A Man To Sneak Out?

cheatingyourpartner Ever since the institution of marriage came into being, both men and women have been cheating on their partners. In nearly 30 percent of the marriages, there are some episodes of infidelity where in one of the partners is to be blamed.

Men, particularly, have an increased tendency to cheat in their marriage. Let’s take a look at why so many married men sneak relationships with other women.

The most significant reason that makes a man to look outside for sexual pleasure is the lack of intimacy with his wife at home. If the man feels constantly deprived of sex or feels that his wife doesn’t enjoy being intimate with him, his pent up sexual desires start bubbling inside.

And that’s when he looks for an outside woman to gratify him sexually. Also, some men may take the betrayal path just because they feel unappreciated at home. This causes a severe dent on their egos, and they go looking for some women to offer and extend emotional support to them.

While dissatisfaction is one aspect, there is also a breed of men who find extramarital affairs exciting and challenging. It almost seems like a game to them, where the risk of getting caught makes the whole affair even more exciting. Quite in line with this breed of men are those men who believe that a high count of sexual encounters outside ones marriage is a sign of his virility or his manliness.

At times the reasons for a man cheating in his marriage may be based on betrayal and revenge. If the man finds out that his wife has been cheating on him, or even if it’s just a feeling that he gets, while his wife may not actually be cheating, he resorts to taking revenge by indulging in some sexual relationship with another woman.

Men focus more on the sexual and physical aspect of the relationship, as against women, and so if their wife’s body-shape changes, as it does after childbirth, their attraction for their wife begins to diminish.

These are just a few reasons why spouse cheat in their marriage, however to deal with the situation you need to ascertain what is the specific reason why your man has stepped out of the marriage, if you want to get him back or if you want to prevent him from sneaking out again.

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Sidharth Thakur