What Makes A Couple To Get Married?

financing-a-wedding Why get married, is one question that clouds every singles mind, be it a man or a woman. And looking at the divorce rate which stands at nearly as high as 40 percent, one is seriously led onto think whether to get married or not.

After all, with only a 60 percent chance of your marriage lasting a life time, tying the knot doesn’t seem quite a tempting affair. Anyways, there still are a lot of people who strongly believe in the institution of marriage. Let’s try and find out why couples like to get married.

The number one reason that I see is the social implication, where in marriage seems like a license to live together. In most cultures a couple living together without getting married isn’t very well accepted by their families, friends and the society at large.

Quite obviously, if you’re getting married to shun away societal pressures that don’t allow you to live together, then you can never be sure of how long these societal pressures can keep you together.

Being able to have children and start your own family is another reason that comes up strong to support the institution of marriage.  Although, biologically there’s no such requirement that you must get marriage to produce children, still not many couples feel that before they start a family, they must be united legally by way of marriage.

Certainly, the future of children whose parents are married is far more secure.  And that makes most people think about children only when they’re married.

Apart from these people get married for several other reasons ranging from religious to practical and from the emotional to financial. Marriage brings in loads of benefits for both the people involved in the relationship, while at the same time it seems to be an important phenomenon for the society to grow and develop. But, when the couple’s think beyond the physical and financial benefits, the chances of the marriage lasting for a lifetime are fairly more.

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Sidharth Thakur