What Kind of Hairstyles Should Brunettes Have?

While choosing a hairstyle, one should take into account the color of the hair. There are styles that suit the blonds more than the brunettes. Likewise there are styles for the brunettes which are well recognized and acknowledged in the elite fashion circles.

These hairstyles vary from face shapes but have been established as befitting brunettes. If you are a brunette with a full face, then the hairstyle you need to choose should make your face look more proportionate and longer. ‘Longer hairstyles’ is the buzzword for such face types.

There is a hairstyle that befits women with both long hair and shoulder length hair. If you have naturally straight hair, then you can have bangs beside the face at an angle while your hair flows in layers. It can be of shoulder length or longer, but this hairstyle will certainly make your face look more angular.

For brunettes with curly hair and a full face, it is suggested that they opt for hairstyles which have a length greater than the shoulders and should have distinct layers only beside the face.

This is especially recommended if the hair is layered. If one does not opt for layered hair, then bangs will compliment the looks. Ensure that they are at an angle across the face. The above mentioned is an option of a hairstyle without the bangs also. Instead of bangs, one can opt for layered hairstyles with short layers across the facial area.

For brunettes whose face is less full and has delicate proportions, pixie cut is one of the best and the most underrated hairstyle. The best part about the pixie cut hairstyle is that minimal maintenance is required. The style goes especially well with brunettes with straight hair and it suits so well because of the layers that frame the face making it look more enigmatic.

Those with curly and thick hair should not opt for layered hair because that flanks the face, making it look smaller than usual. Hair lengths till the shoulder with this style suit them the best.  Face shape is the key element and the hairstyle for the right face shape can do wonders.