What Jean Styles Will Suit Your Body Shape

james-jeans Fashion designers and most of the top jean brands keep changing the jean trend every season, to keep you busy buying their stuff and giving them some good revenue. But before you get allured by one of their funky ads, into buying a new pair of jeans, do take a little time to understand weather that latest style and cut is meant for you or not.

What waist to choose

The most important thing to decide on is whether you should go in for a low waist, high waist or a mid rise.  Most of the average women tend to have a few extra pounds around their waist, and when they try wearing low waist jeans the overall effect isn’t quite pleasing because the low waistline pushes up the flab to create a muffin top. But if you’re still bent upon wearing this jean style, then you’d better go in for a smock top, while completely avoiding all the cropped tops. Also butt-cleavage is another problem with low rise jeans, and well that can be sorted out by wearing tops in somewhat longer lengths.

High waist jeans are a great way to give your body a lengthening effect, however if your height is too short, then you should go in for mid waist to avoid making your torso seem too short. Jeans with wide waistbands offer a wonderful solution for women who want to minimize their fat bellies.

Hipster cuts are only suited to the perfect hourglass figures, as the minimized or rather missing waistband, helps in baring more of the shapely waist.

What leg length to wear

The ongoing trend is to wear denims in leg-lengths which touch the floor so as to make your legs look longer. And that certainly is the way to go for all the short structures. Wearing jeans in such long lengths not only has a lengthening effect on your legs, but also a slimming effect on heavier thighs.

Ideally, you should have your jeans in two different lengths, some which can be worn with flat shoes and others which can be worn with high-heels.

Sidharth Thakur