Causes And Treatment Of Scabies

An annoying skin condition that is marked by itchiness and rash is commonly referred to as scabies. Parasitic mites cause scabies. Although scabies normally affect animals like dogs and cats, even human beings can be infected with scabies.

Scabies is a highly contagious skin condition which spreads from person to person through close contact. The parasitic mite which brings about this skin condition causes the infected person to break out into rashes. The abdomen, buttocks, breasts, thighs and elbows are the areas where scabies rashes are normally noticed. Sometimes these rashes also appear between the fingers. It has been noticed that skin itchiness which is a side effect of scabies worsens at night.

ometimes the itchiness becomes so bad, that it can result in bleeding. Scabies are normally characterized by the appearance of bright red rashes with skin blisters. In extreme cases, scabies can even affect the scalp, groin, nipples and the armpits. A person who is having scabies can opt for allopathic, homeopathic or even natural treatment to find relief from this skin condition. There are several OTC drugs which can also treat the problem of scabies.

Sarcoptes scabiei the itch mite responsible for causing scabies is an eight legged parasite which burrows into the skin. The mites normally live on the host body for 36 hours during which times they lay their eggs. The skin reacts to the mites in the form of severe itchiness’ and formation of angry red rashes. If the infected person comes in close contact with another individual either through hugging or shaking hands the infection can spread.

This is a highly contagious skin disease and the chances of a person contracting this disease, especially if the individual is having a physical relationship with the infected person, are extremely high. If you suspect a person of having scabies then refrain from getting into close physical contact with that person, wearing their clothes or even sleeping on their bed.

Some of the first symptoms of scabies infection are the appearance of blotchy or lumpy rashes which are red in color. The rashes are followed by severe itching or scratching which normally worsens after a hot water bath. The infected person may also notice the appearance of silvery or dark lines on the skin which are the burrows through which the mites have entered the body.

It is extremely important that a person suffering from scabies does not wear tight fitting clothes which  causes sweating, as mites tend to thrive in warm and moist regions of the skin. Always wear loose fitting clothes and try to keep every inch of the body dry. Wash clothes in boiling water as extreme heat can kill mites.

The best option for treating scabies are the application of topical creams especially sulphur creams, permethrin and the usage of antihistamines. Sulphur creams are easily available as OTC medication and have been known to completely heal this skin condition in just four nights. Another excellent topical medication for scabies is permethrin. For relief from excessive itching antihistamines are often prescribed. A person who has been diagnosed with scabies should start treatment as soon as possible to prevent this condition from worsening.