What Is Acne? Which Acne Removal Treatment to Use?

Acne is the result of skin malfunctioning. Acne can be caused due to many reasons.

Hormonal changes in teenagers and pregnant women lead to acne problem. This could be mild to severe.

Unhealthy food habits can also cause acne by producing toxins in the blood and deposits of harmful chemicals in the body. Caffeine, alcohol and smoking can lead to unhealthy body condition and aggravate the acne problem. Excessive oil and sebum on skin help the bacteria to flourish and can lead to severe acne trouble.

Sometime the acne disappears with age and as the hormones reach the normal level. In some cases a mild treatment and use of natural ingredients can cure acne.

Acne treatment is important to obtain a clean and smooth skin. Acne is a skin condition and can be very severe at times. For an acute problem of acne, many procedures are available.

It is important to know your skin type before choosing a treatment. Acne can be characterized by deep cyst, scars and inflammation.

Treatments for acne:

Some people form cysts, a severe stage of acne. To get rid of the cysts and painful acne, an acne surgery known as drainage and surgical excision can be performed. It should be performed by a trained professional. People who suffer from cystic acne try to squeeze or pick the acne in order to eradicate it. This can lead to infection and cause scars.

Inflammation in cystic acne can cause rupture of acne and scars. To treat inflammation and burning sensation in the scars, an injection of diluted corticosteroid is infused into the cysts. This reduces the itch and heals the ruptured acne area.

Another effective treatment for severe acne problem is isotretinoin. This is used to treat acute acne type which cannot be treated by simple medication. This is a synthetic retinoid. Retinoid is a form of vitamin A and is available in many anti-aging creams and lotions.

Isotretinoin comes in the form of a pill or capsule. Consult the doctor for precise dosage. This is touted to be the most effective treatment available for severe acne.

Along with eradicating acne this pill controls other reasons of acne aggravation such as excess oil production, clogged skin pores and inflammation or itching. Sometimes one course of isotretinoin works well for many years in tackling the acne production.