What Is A Promise Ring?

A promise ring as the name indicates is a ring that symbolizes a promise made between two individuals.

Promise rings can be given as a symbol of romance, friendship or commitment. The bearer of a promise ring should not take the ring lightly. At the same time, while gifting a promise ring, ensure that it does not lead to any misinterpretation or embarrassment.

Promise rings became popular sometime in the late 16th and early 17th century. These rings were exchanged to symbolize love, friendship or even to uphold a sacred promise.

Promise rings can be given as pre-engagement rings to show commitment to the relationship, to symbolize unity and fidelity in a monogamous relationship, as chastity ring, to symbolize ongoing fidelity between a husband and wife, to show the parents love to a child or even as a simple friendship ring.

Some of the popular designs in promise rings are as follows. If you want your promise ring to symbolize true love then gift your loved one with a promise ring sporting a heart shaped gemstone. If you want to show a person your love, devotion or commitment to them then gift them a diamond promise ring.

A simple but powerful way to show your affection for someone is by gifting them with a promise ring with engraving. If you are gifting your partner or your child a promise ring, then select one which has their birthstone on it.

Although a promise ring can be worn on any finger, people especially those in love like to wear this ring on the third finger of the left hand. A promise ring to symbolize a monogamous relationship is worn on the right or left ring finger. A promise ring that is gifted to signify sexual abstinence can be worn on the ring finger of the left hand.

A promise ring that is gifted as a pre-engagement ring can be worn on the ring finger of the left or right hand. If you have received a promise gift as a token of friendship, then wear it on any finger except the left ring finger.

Promise rings are crafted from silver or 10K gold and are generally of a simple design. Semi precious stones and diamonds of less than three quarter carat are used in promise rings. You can buy a promise ring for less than USD500.