What Happens When The Honeymoon Gets Over

h Like all things in nature, love relationships are also bound to mature, as you gradually drift from your fantasy wonderland to the real world. The basic charm and attraction, that got the two of you together, fizzes out and the romantic excitement takes a backseat.

At the beginning, everything seems nice about your partner, and whatever he does is fun and exciting. But as the honeymoon gets over, and you face the real person, everything around you goes topsy-turvy.

Honeymoon time is great because you’re still exploring your partner and your relationship, there is no seriousness and it’s all fun and frolic. You’re too excited with the newfound love and relationship, and can’t think beyond the pleasure aspect. You’re living in an ecstasy world, but then as the honeymoon gets over and you see the hard facts of life, and a somewhat changed personality of your partner, you’re taken aback by a shock. And while some of you may not at all feel this shock, the others will find their dream world shattering into pieces.

Facing the reality

The dream has just gotten over, and you’re entering another phase of life where the both of you will want to impose your desires on to each other. You begin building up your ego and defensive walls all around you, which make it difficult for you, to accept the other person’s point of view. And soon those sweet nothings disappear and all that can be heard are sharp shrills, with each of you trying to dominate over the other.

The defense line

Faring well through this particular stage is pertinent to building a long term relationship. You must both sit down together and define the rules of your association, listing out each other’s rights, with mutual agreement. And well, if you do abide by these lines, no circumstances can stop you from growing old with each other into a mature couple. Communication, compassion and mutual understanding are three keys to a healthy and successful love relationship. And even if one of them goes missing, you will be struggling to keep the relationship alive.

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Sidharth Thakur