What Excites A Man About A Woman’s Breasts

2breasts A woman’s breasts are an important and beautiful feature of a woman’s body. They are functional, when it comes to feeding the infant, but for the rest of the time they have a strong aesthetic and sensuous appeal.

Beautiful breasts have an in-built magnetism that attracts and excites men beyond comprehension. If you ask men about the sexiest and the most attractive part of a woman’s body, breasts will be the spontaneous answer that you’ll get from nearly 70 percent of the men.

Men have a lot of sexual fantasies around breasts, and it’s hard to find straight men that can resist the fascination of the visual attraction of a woman’s breasts. No wonder, most of the men’s magazines love to have big breasted models, showing off their deep cleavage and their half covered twin assets, on their front cover.

No wonder, most women go looking for methods to highlight their breasts using special types of lingerie and flattering necklines.

What Kinds Of Breasts are Most Desirable?

As against common belief, that all men want are a pair of big breasts, most men are more enthused by the shape, firmness and symmetry of the breasts rather than the size.

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If the breasts are extra large, they kind of droop under their own weight, and that’s something that doesn’t excite most men. You don’t need large breasts, because men are more attracted towards breasts that are firm, perfectly rounded and positioned high on the chest.

Apart from that, your breasts will seem interesting only when they are proportionate with the rest of your body. For instance small breasts on a heavy body are definitely unappealing, and so is the case when you have excessively large breasts and a very slim body.

Seeing that men pay a lot of attention to the breasts, women too are getting obsessed about the size and shape of their breasts. And the obsession, at times, goes to such a grave extent that they finally go in on surgery. But instead of going in for surgery, think about exercises and proper breast care to enhance their shape and firmness. And bring out their beauty, using the right kind of bras and the right kind of clothing.

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    At first boys are touching their penises, then they want to touch breasts. Tey want to feel power.