What Effect Does Humidity Has On Hairs

What Effect Does Humidity Has On Hairs

What Effect Does Humidity Has On Hairs Humidity is the amount of water vapor present in air. During rainy season, humidity increases considerably. Places lying near sea also contain high amount of water vapor in air. More is that amount of water vapor, more humid is the weather.

Humidity affects human in many ways. For example, sweat does not dry easily, which makes a person uncomfortable. Hairs are also affected adversely due to humidity. Since hairs are delicate, they respond to change in atmospheric conditions in many ways. Due to humidity, hairs become frizzy and dry.

They become quite unmanageable and many people use heated flat irons and smoothing serums for dealing with such hairs. Humidity is considered as a universal catalyst for unmanageable and frizzy hairs irrespective of the hair type. In other words, humidity affects all types of hair adversely by increasing humidity on humandryness.

Fluffy end is another problem of hairs that occur due to humidity. Changes in hair due to humidity occur as these are hygroscopic in nature. That is, they are able to exchange water with atmosphere, whether it is dry or humid. When atmosphere is dry, water molecules passes out. Similarly, when the atmosphere is humid, water molecules from outside are absorbed into hairs. This leads to swelling of hairs.

In highly humid conditions, hairs can swell up to 16% of diameter. As a result, density of hairs also change, which gives rise to different types of styling problems. It is to be understood that all properties of hair are determined by its hygroscopic properties. Each hair type responds to humidity in a different manner. In some cases, even hair strands on same scalp can behave differently.

This happens due to reaction of protein molecules. Also, proteins are not distributed evenly in hairs. These are basically of two types, which are paracortex and orthocortex. Both these proteins react to water molecules in a different way. As a result, entire hair strand does not absorb water in same manner and thus, does not swell uniformly. One part can swell a lot while other may not.

Effect Does Humidity Has On Hairs

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Due to this uneven absorption of water molecules, bending or twisting occurs. This further leads to taking out of curls from the fine hair strands and thus, hairs become frizzy.  Hairs are naturally curly and when exposed to humidity, these become excessively curly. Even if hairs have been straightened through different methods before stepping out, hairs become curly after some time.

Since curly hairs have rougher cuticles, brushing or even touching of hairs should be avoided, as this result in friction which intensifies fuzzy locks. Rather than fighting with curls, a person should allow hairs to dry naturally.

Many women suffer from flat fine hairs, when humidity is high, due to increase in weight of hair follicle. For reviving hairs, shampoos and conditioners designed for providing volume to hairs should be used. Styling products should be avoided until summer arrives. Some women may also experience thickening of hairs during humid weather. Thick hairs should be dealt very carefully. Necessary styling changes should be made so that they do not become brittle. If hairs are wavy, these may be let loose in humid weather.

Many hair experts warn about hair damage during humid weather. Generally, 15% of weight of hair follicle is due to water. Even healthy hairs contain 15% water content. When it becomes 30% in humid weather, damage of hairs start. If hairs are already dry, rough and damaged, they can get terribly affected due to humidity. Damaged hairs can contain up to 55% water content. As a result, dullness in hairs increases considerably.

How To Save Hairs During Humid Conditions

Some steps can be taken for saving hairs during humid conditions. Most of these steps are about maintenance of hairs. First of all, hairs should be kept conditioned. This helps a lot in preventing unwanted absorption of water vapors. Uncooperative locks are also reduced greatly. Many hair experts feel that in humid season, a deep conditioner should be used once in a week.

It is better if deep conditioners containing humectants, proteins and vitamins are applied. For dealing with split ends, hairs can be trimmed. This also prevents hairs from becoming frizzy. Many people use silicone containing sealers in humid reason, which is very effective in preventing humidity from entering hairs.

Similarly, anti-frizz styling products should be used regularly in humid months. Since sun rays can cause further dryness of hairs, these should be avoided for preventing damage. If avoiding sun rays is not possible, any ultra violet protecting spray should be applied to hairs. Hair styling products are often recommended by hair experts to people with curly hairs in humid season.