What does a man look for on the first date?


You’re bound to be nervous and confused when going out on your first date with this new found man. First date is all about creating the right impression, and for that you spend hours on doing up your looks and choosing your dress. But being physically attractive is just one aspect of creating the right impression. What’s most important in creating the right impression is to know what the man you are meeting expects from you. Here are some general tips for a man expects from a woman, whom he is taking out on a date.

•    A mans interpretation of a first date is just the two of you being together, so drop that idea of a group date, if its anywhere near your mind. Again he will want to go to a place where he gets enough privacy to sit and talk to you. So even if you are itching for a movie, don’t suggest it, keep it for some later dates. In line with this, you must remember that you are out there on a date with him and most of the talking should be between you and him and not you talking to somebody over your cell phone. Let your phone lie in your bag, and bring it out as sparingly as possible.

•    Be reasonable with what you are wearing, keeping in mind the place where you will be meeting. Use your judgment, and settle for a dress and makeup that looks neither overdone nor under done. You must look pretty and elegant, so do be sure to use a bit of makeup and wear something a bit different from what you are usually seen in. Your looks should be pleasing and not distracting, so if you have even the faintest feeling that something is looking loud on you, you shouldn’t wear it.

•    On the first date a man wants to know more about you, the kind of person you are the things you love to do and so on. But most women just can’t stop talking about their friends, and all the gibber gabber that doesn’t interest men at all.

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Sidharth Thakur