What Does A Man Find Sexy?

sex Whether we accept it or not, men are deeply into sex and its one topic that’s always lurking in their mind. And when you want to impress a man, you need to understand what is sexy, from his point of view.

By general perception a woman’s appearance is the biggest attraction factor that pulls a man towards her. So let’s have a look at what all really counts in this appearance.

The physical factors

When it comes to the sexy parts of woman’s body, every man is different in that if one man finds the breasts to be sexy the other man may get excited looking at the bottom. Basically it varies from man to man, and while some men may want a woman to be as bony as the models that walk the ramp, others may prefer slightly plump women.

However, most men would agree that a woman’s breasts are the sexiest and the most exciting feature of a woman’s body. And well, most women also know this little secret and that’s why they go trying things to accentuate their breasts.

Women use uplifting bras, and duct tape to make their breasts seem firmer and fuller. The second most attractive and sexy feature is a nicely shaped bum, and there again some women use stuffing to make their bums look bigger and shapely.

The clothing

As against what most women believe, revealing your body doesn’t attract a man as strongly as giving him only a little hint about what lies underneath the covers. A fully topless woman may not seem as attractive as one who has revealed only a bit of her cleavage or of her back. A typical men’s trait is that they love the thrill of undressing and exploring a woman’s body.

So, instead of revealing more of your skin think about wearing dresses which reveal only a small part of your skin, and makes the men more desirous of seeing what else is hidden behind the clothing.

Again in terms of the fabric of the clothing and the style of clothing, every man has his own likings. While some men love to see women in soft silken fabrics and bright and light feminine colors, there are others who love to see women in bold colors and in bold fabrics like leather and denim.

  • Samuel Mbugua

    I love breast of a woman and would prefer a woman showing only a part but not the whole breast.