How To Cure Acne Inflammation

What Can Help Inflammation Of Acne

What Can Help Inflammation Of Acne Acne is something that has bothered almost every woman in her lifetime.While the real causes can be too many, what we need to know is how to reduce the inflammation.

Steps To Cure Acne Inflammation

When there is an inflammation of the acne, it is not only very painful, but but the red swollen blotch is embarrassing as well draws all the attention. Of course, who on earth actually enjoys the sight of red acne with inflammation. While makeup can offer temporary camouflage, the swelling and the discomfort cannot go away with makeup alone.

If we get the inflammation of acne, we should take care so that the inflammation itself is cured.  There are quite a few handy tips that can help you deal with this unwanted problem. Understanding your skin and responding to it helps a ton. There are natural home remedies as well as other remedies as well.

Since an acne inflammation is caused chiefly due to bacterial activity, controlling this would help a lot. Take some fuller’s earth. Mix it in a bowl with distilled water to make a paste. The paste should be thick.Now, apply the mixture on the acne.  Fuller’s earth would dry out the acne by absorbing the juices in which the bacteria proliferate.

Taking it away would give the bacteria a hard time to survive. If the bacteria do not survive, the inflammation would go away. This mixture can be applied on the skin even if there is no inflammation of acne. Bt this mixture is most suitable for acne prone oily skin. It would absorb the excess oil keeping acne at bay as well as get rid of your dead flakes cleaning up the skin.

The same kind of results can be achieved with sandalwood paste. This can be had directly by rubbing the sandalwood with water on a piece of rough grinding stone which can be bought from the same shops. Alternately, these days, sandalwood powder can be easily purchased. Make a mixture of the sandalwood powder either with distilled water or rose water and apply it on the acne.

Sandalwood would kill the bacteria as well as absorb the oil and the fluids taking away the inflammation of the acne. Just like fuller’s earth, this can also be used as a full facial mask for oily and acne prone skin. For your information, sandalwood is also a natural sunscreen and also helps in reducing tan. It would actually keep your skin in a very good health, making it radiant and clear. But overuse may lead to dryness which can be controlled by using an oil-free moisturizer.

The Indian Neem can also help acne. This herbal medicinal plant has been used by Indians for ages. Crush a few clean neem leaves and add some turmeric. Put this paste on the acne inflammation. You should be able to see the difference only in a day or two.

The only flip side can be that since neem leaves are very bitter and if you are putting it on your entire face be careful that they are not put near your lips because if they get into your mouth the taste will linger on for the whole day. But often the greatest rewards come at a cost and this is too little to be even heeded.



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