What are Hair Protein Supplements?

Hairs are considered as important for enhancing beauty and that is why, people try various treatments that increase thickness and shine of hairs. It is an established fact that no one wants to become bald. Still, people suffer from loss of hairs, which affects their looks adversely. It is said that for having beautiful hairs, a person must eat diet rich in proteins. This is because hairs are composed mainly of proteins. On the other hand, proteins are made of amino acids.

Many people, who suffer from loss of hairs, start taking protein or amino acid supplements in hope of accelerating growth of hairs. One fact that must be understood regarding this belief is that in most of cases, deficiency of protein is not the reason for loss of hairs. Hair loss can occur due to many reasons. For example, certain diseases, heredity, personal hygiene and stress are the major reasons that affect the growth of hairs adversely.

However, if amino acids and proteins are added to diet, it certain helps in improving the growth rate of hairs. Continuous flow of amino acids from the blood helps in building up proteins faster, which ultimately stimulates the growth of hairs. One of fastest growing cells of body is hair follicle. If hair follicle receives plenty of amino acids, hairs would become strong and healthy.

Hair protein supplements are easily available at drug and departmental stores. These protein supplements help body in getting all types of proteins necessary for formation and growth of hairs. There are basically two types of proteins. These are complete proteins and incomplete proteins. Complete proteins contain all the nine essential amino acids while incomplete proteins do not.

Complete proteins are contained in rich quantities in meat, fish, poultry products and eggs while incomplete proteins are contained in plants, nuts, grains, vegetables and seeds. Thus, vegetarians may not be getting all the nine essential proteins. By taking protein supplements, they can provide all the essential amino acids to the body, which helps in stimulating hair growth. Protein supplements are available as liquid or powdered supplements generally.

Hair protein supplements contain all essential amino acids that are necessary for growth of hairs. Hair shaft produced by hair follicle is composed mainly of keratin, a protein. If hair follicle receives constant supply of amino acids for keratin formation, hairs remain healthy. For functioning, hair follicles also require vitamins, minerals and energy. Thus, hair supplements found in market may also contain these.

One of most important amino acid needed for hair growth is Cysteine. All the hair protein supplements invariably contain this amino acid. The sulfur molecules found in this amino acid lead to production of disulfide bonds through cross linkage. These bonds are considered as very necessary for strong hairs and if body is deficient in disulfide bonds, hairs become brittle.

As a result, loss of hairs starts quite early. Another amino acid contained in keratin is Methionine. Basically, keratin is formed from L-Cysteine and L-Methionine. Supplements containing these have been found very effective in stopping hair fall and increasing the thickness of hairs. Hair protein supplements also contain Methylsulfonylmethane, a compound that provides sulfur to the body. This compound is considered as very necessary for the production of keratin and collagen.

Some Important Aspects

Before consuming hair protein supplements, it must be ensured that body is actually deficient in essential and other amino acids. This is because if body contains all the amino acids required for synthesis of keratin, taking hair protein supplement may not help in stimulating the growth of hair follicles. Many people start taking these supplements as soon as thinning of hairs start. This is not the right approach. As said, there can be many other factors that lead to loss of hairs.

In addition to proteins, diet must contain carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals for proper functioning of all the body cells, including hair follicles. There are certain enzymes that are also required for hair growth. In may happen that due to lack of these enzymes, loss of hairs has occurred. Before consuming any type of hair protein supplement, health care provider should be consulted. Apart from cysteine and methionine, leucine, valine and isoleucine are also needed for growth of hairs.

There are some natural hair protein supplements available in market that are considered as better than their counterparts. For example, spirulina is one of them. Spirulina formulations are considered as one of best hair protein supplements. Spirulina is basically blue green algae and is considered as a complete source of iron and proteins.

Spirulina formulations are available in powdered and tablet forms and these do not have any side effects. As compared to eggs, meat, and soy, spirulina contains more proteins. Some other super green foods that contain all the amino acids and proteins for strong hairs are barley, chlorella and wheatgrass. Supplements of these are also found in market.

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Similarly, egg white protein powder is also available in market. This supplement contains fewer quantities of carbohydrates and fats and thus, does not increase flab on body. Egg white is considered as a rich source of biotic, a vitamin. This vitamin is said to stimulate hair growth. Biotin also prevents loss of hairs. If hair protein supplements are taken along with egg white protein powder, hair growth can be stimulated considerably. This is the reason why some people, who are deficient in biotin, do not see any positive results with respect to growth of hairs after consuming hair protein supplements.

Soy proteins are also considered as good for body and hair growth, as they are low in fat. It can also be consumed along with regular hair protein supplements for fast hair growth. While consuming hair protein supplements, any kind of magic on thickness or growth of hairs should not be expected soon. This is because it takes time for amino acids to act.

Certain people increase dosage of hair protein supplement when they do not find results as expected. Doing this may lead to disorders. For example, excessive proteins lead to kidney damage. In some cases, hair protein supplements may not work due to certain intestinal diseases. For example, if a person is suffering from colitis or bowel disease, proteins may not be absorbed properly in the body.