Welcome Home My Baby

Every woman experiences tremendous emotions when she embarks on the enlightening journey of pregnancy and motherhood, and slowly develops in her the intuitive power to understand the wordless language of her newborn and to take better care of the baby. There are several publications, which can inform, educate, assist and guide you about how to take care of your newborn. An important thing to remember is that your baby’s health is directly related to your health because sticking to breastfeeding only is advisable for the first few months.

The newborn is tender in all respects ranging from his skin to his organs. Your baby’s eyes are very delicate and cannot focus properly for the first few days, and thus you must avoid harsh lights. Before birth the child has been in a completely protected chamber with a stable temperature, and after birth you must prevent your child from extreme temperatures since he has just come out of his comfort zone and is trying to adjust to the new environment and temperature.

Crying is a phenomenon that can continue for up to one year, till the child is properly able to express his feelings, until then his sole mode of communication is crying. As a mother you will slowly begin to understand what the child is trying to convey whenever he cries.

Whatever baby care products you plan to use, it is prudent to check with your pediatrician first to ensure none of these products cause damage to the overly sensitive body of the newborn. A daily oil body massage is highly recommended, by most doctors, for the proper development of the infant. While it is good for health, it also increases the bonding between the mother and newborn.

With the kind of sensitive skin that newborns have, a one should restrict to the choice of fabric for baby’s clothes to natural fibers only. Cloth nappies are more comfortable and safe for the child, however for the sake of convenience you may go in for diapers but only after scanning through the market to find the safest and the gentlest brand of diapers.

And finally, Bringing newborns are not subject to any timetable and their demand for feed, sleep and toilet can come around at almost any time of the day or night. So that is one major area where you and your family members will need to make adjustments, but in the whole run please do not ignore your health and proper sleep if you want your baby to stay healthy.

Sidharth Thakur