Weight Loss Tips For Safe And Healthy Weight Loss

Healthy Weight Loss

Healthy Weight Loss You are on diet and exercise routine again? Is this your umpteenth attempt with the same result? Where are you going wrong? Are you in control of your life and health or is your life stuck on replay button coming up every time with the same old chubby you?

Know some weight loss secrets:

“Want to look best on New Years Party”? All these questions make you go crazy.  Over weight oops!  It is a big question. People are after their life’s to become slim and trim. Girls going crazy for size zero figure. , girls are on crash dieting and starving them to be slim.  They are still not getting any magnificent results.

Do you know why?  They are doing everything to get that curve but, just forgetting the basic of their body which is not giving those good results in spite of there lot of pains. Since lot of slimming centers has come up with new technologies to cut down the fats and too loose weight .No doubt those who do all this vigorously they get the results but, they all are not definite.

Many dieticians are advising people to follow crash dieting .They recommend diet charts, high protein diet, and Salt free food. But have you noticed that after doing all this you loose your extra kilos but along with that you also lose your stamina and the sparkling glow on your face.

Obesity facts

Obesity or over weight is not good for health. People having overweight suffer lot of problems. Being obese means you have to suffer with many health hazards like blood pressure, breathing problem and many more.Since, it is not easy to loose your weight. Lot of patience is required for all this.

In case, we change little bit of our lifestyle and understand the basic of our body; it can give us fabulous results. In case, you are repeating the same mistakes over and over and getting entangled in a web of diet, maybe its time to accept that you are not doing some thing right.

Don’t despair; just concentrate on these few motivating tips which helps you to check your diet. These tips will help you to reach at logical with slim and fit body. After all it’s all about time you get into man magnet shape.

Weight Loss Tips for safe and healthy weight loss

First, change your attitude. Ask yourself, is being healthy and slim important to you? Will it benefit you in any way? Just remind yourself that being over weight can harm you in other ways. Just realize that those extra kilos are not just an eye sore but a health hazard too.

Educate yourself about weight loss. It is a science, so treat it with respect. Don’t just depend on what all you hear from others. Log on to some websites, consult some good diet professionals. You will realize that queries will clear the misconception in your mind. That will help you to battle against the flab.

Arm yourself about the knowledge about your body. Maintain a dairy where you note down everything what you eat on a daily basis. Doing this for a week can tell you where you are going wrong, so, that you can move in a right direction.

Be realistic about your goal. Losing 3-4 kg in a month is possible. Don’t fall prey to weight loss instant schemes, skipping the meals or indulge in crash dieting. Instead of this go slow in a systematic manner. Huge aims are unreachable, so take small step at a time.

Follow the principal of moderation. It is not just the amount but also the content of food you eat will determine your result. The amount you eat and calories are not directly proportional. Reduce the cues in the environment around you that stimulates eating. If you curl up in the evening on your bed, reading and eating, instead of this go for a walk.

Learn to differentiate between the hunger and appetite. Avoid the situations that force you to indulge in over eating. Try to fill up your boredom with some thing other than food. Be firm in saying no to food tactfully without offending people in the social gatherings.

Learn to associate a positive and a negative response with desirable or undesirable eating habits. Like associate fried food with nausea and gastric problems. Eat foods with extra bulk- high fibre foods such as vegetables, salads, fruits with peels, whole pulses.

These will give you better sareity. If you stick to no breakfast frugal lunch and heavy dinner then you will get now where. Instead of this have three properly balanced meals daily with enough fibre to keep you full. Condition your mind. Learn to love what you eat. Maintain a passion for eating by making your new diet adventure. Find out all the low fat details of your favorite foods. For instance in place of ice cream take sherbet with sweetener.

Bailing on lunch might sound like an easy way to slim down, but it will sabotage your weight loss goals in a long run. Regularly missing your meals sends your body into starvation mode so, your metabolism slows down and your body conserves calories instead of burning them up. A smarter strategy: watch your food intake, and burn more calories than you consume.

Never compare your self with others as comparisons take you no where. Every one has different body which responds in a unique way. Start motivating yourself by saying again and again that ‘You can do it’. Drink plenty of water as it helps in washing away your toxins from your body.

Take weight loss as a challenge towards good health. Don’t opt for short cuts. Start excersing daily .If you can’t exercise at a stretch than split the routine into capsules and try to exercise twice or thrice in a day but, don’t give up exercising.Invest in an accurate weighing machine scale to keep the regular check on your weight. It will motivate you to move on.

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Ruchi Thukral