Wedge Sandals, Your Style Statement This Spring

Wedge Sandals are the best shoe choices for women this Spring. They are slimmer and they look sexier than the bootie sandals. These wedge shoes have a bootie sandal upper mainly in suede but they are available in a plethora of colors to match every dress you wear.

This would work not only in Spring but also foray into the summer months and well into the Fall season. The heels are 3.75 inches in height and with a slight taper at the back and the women would find these shoes more comfortable and friendly than the trimmer stiletto. Although sandal booties and kitten heels are also much now these have the natural elements in them and over the last few years there have been a mix and match of styles in women’s shoe fashion trends.

Wedges are the hottest this season and these could be a favorite style of yours too and quite a knockout sandal. The wedge heels look sexy the way they taper at the back and they are either full coverage or sandal topped. These shoes look great in black or, for that matter, whichever color you can find them in. Nude ones look good too and they look good with every thing you wear from shorts to sun dresses.

In most sandals the heels are placed at the end of the feet, the wedge heels run under the full length of the feet from the back to the middle and then to the front. This has something triangular in shape but all the wedge heels need not be high heels. They are from low to high and it is only the shape of the heel that earns its name the wedge. The platform heels are not wedges because although wedge heels may have platform soles, they almost never appear in one show. If in any case they do, they are referred to as platform wedges.

Wedges range in all styles whether they are casual or elegant and they also come in all styles and heights. Wedge heels are fashionable and a great choice in women’s footwear but you have to be careful about matching the heels with your attire. The wedge heels have a few advantages like they add height and are easier to walk in than the stilettos. These are eye catching and worldly and they have a very stylish look about them.

The shoes would look good with long skirt or dress. These are a fashionable choice as they do up your fashion quotient to a great extent. In case the ankles are heavy the wedge heels make then appear thinner and give a proper definition to your leg and ankles. The wedge heels have their disadvantages too and they are not meant for running or brisk walking.

They look very heavy when you are in tight fitting clothing. If you are on a good look out you can find a dressier wedge to suit your dress and enhance your look. The wedge sandals look good with short skirts, long skirts, flowing skirts, wrap dresses, flair jeans, pants and gauchos. The wedges are not compatible with capris, pencil skirts or with pants with narrow legs.