Wedding Rings – Select The Perfect Wedding Band

Once the wedding dress and other accessories have been chosen, attention is turned to the important task of choosing the wedding ring.

Shopping for a wedding ring may prove to be an easy task if you already have some idea what style, type and price range you are looking for in a ring. However if that is not the case, then you need to have a fair knowledge of the kinds of wedding rings that are available today, so that you can make the correct choice.

Signifying a lifelong pledge of love and devotion, the wedding rings or bands have been worn on the third or ring finger, of the left hand from ancient times. The round shape of the wedding band symbolizes infinity. The early rings were simple gold bands. Nowadays, the choices in wedding rings are endless.

Couples can opt from the traditional gold or silver wedding bands or can be innovative by choosing wedding rings made from material like wood, steel, jade, tungsten carbide, titanium, platinum, or enamel. If you are tradition bound then most likely you will go in for simple and unadorned wedding bands.

If you are interested in experimenting with the wedding ring design, then the options are endless. You can try out wedding rings with enameled work, ones with beveled edges, filigree work, etchings, scroll work or the ones having engravings.

You can opt for rings having matt finish, polish finish or even rings with patterned themes. Wedding rings come in a variety of styles as well. Some of the popular styles in wedding bands are antique design, modern style, classic style, medieval and art deco styles.

Some of the wedding band options to honor your unique culture and heritage are the claddagh rings from Ireland, the Russian trinity rings, Celtic knot workwedding bands which are popular in places like Wales, Ireland and Scotland; the Italian ‘fede’ bands or even unique Jewish wedding bands.

If you feel the ‘all metal’ wedding bands are passé, then you could definitely go in for a current design like the trendy two toned wedding rings, metals of two different colors are molded together to form the ring. Wedding bands made from metal and precious stones are the current rage. Rubies, emeralds and diamonds are some of the common gemstones which are used.

Choose a band of love which potrays the true you.