Wedding Jewelry – Jewelry Choices To Complement Your Wedding Gown

The right kind of wedding jewelry can make any bride look resplendent. The kind of jewelry you wear on your wedding day is defined by your personality and by the type of gown you are planning to wear.

Today the jewelry of choice for most brides, are the ones which are crafted from diamonds and those set with pearls. But there are some brides who opt for  heavier jewelry and trendy earrings and necklaces.

The color of your wedding gown can  determine your jewelry choice. Silver and platinum jewelry pieces are perfect with a pure white wedding gown. For a cream colored gown, platinum, diamond, silver and gold jewelry look good. If you are going to wear an alabaster or ivory colored gown then go for gold jewelry. Today most brides also like to experiment with colored gemstones.

The unique neckline of your wedding gown can heavily influence your jewelry choice. If you have resolved to wear a V necked gown for your D-Day, then chokers, double strand necklaces and Y drop necklaces can give you an air of elegance. Similarly for a gown with a scoop neckline; five strand necklaces and diamond studded chokers look really good.

If you are planning to show off your gorgeous back with an open backed gown, you can opt for a bridal lariat. Choker and even jewelry collars with some elaborate hanging design at the back will  look good with this dress. Simple dangling diamond earrings and a delicate platinum bracelet can complete the look.

If you want to go all modern with a halter top wedding gown, a y drop necklace, a lariat or a double strand necklace will look absolutely gorgeous. Stud style earring look good with the halter top wedding dress.

For an off the shoulder wedding gown, a double or single strand pearl necklace can make you look absolutely divine. A diamond encrusted lariat will also give you a stunning appearance. Tear drop earrings will enhance you simple yet stylish appearance.

Choose wedding jewelry which will not only complement your wedding dress but also your other wedding accessories. Wedding jewelry choices can make or break your look on your wedding day. Careful attention needs to be paid while selecting wedding jewelry. Cherish the special moment of your life with the perfect wedding jewelry.