Wedding Jewelry

Wedding is a special day for every woman, and a woman would leave no stone unturned in order to look stunning on her special day. Women spend days putting together their wedding ensemble, putting up everything from their dress to their footwear and from their lingerie to their jewelry in place. So if you’ve got everything else in place and are confused about what jewelry to wear, then here’s help for you. There are three types of jewelry that you can choose from:
•    Gold jewelry
•    Diamond and platinum jewelry
•    Pearls.

Your choice of jewelry should be based on the kind of wedding dress you have chosen, your skin texture and complexion, your personal taste and the affordability aspect.

Gold jewelry

Well this is something that has been the norm, since ages. And if you’re planning to wear a wedding robe which is more on the traditional style then traditional gold jewelry or gem stones studded in gold will complement your dress. For an extra traditional look, go in for the oxidized gold jewelry. Gold jewelry is a bit expensive, but you can always opt in for lighter designs to stay within your budget. Heavy gold jewelry with intricate designs looks awesome on heavily embroidered wedding dresses, and lighter modern designs go with slim fit modern cut bridal gowns.

Diamond and platinum jewelry

Diamonds set in platinum are the best thing you can pick up to dazzle everyone on this special occasion, but it’s quite expensive and doesn’t fit well into everyone’s pocket. Most of the diamond and platinum jewelry designs are on the sleeker side and won’t go too well with heavy traditional style wedding dresses. Diamond jewelry looks best when worn with pure white wedding dresses or dresses which have a hint of gray. But if your dress has pink or yellow tones, then gold jewelry is a better choice.

Pearl jewelry

These days pearl jewelry comes in a wide range of colors and it wont be difficult to find a pearl shade that blends well with your wedding gown color. Pearls are relatively cheap, and yet they look elegant. Pearl jewelry can go equally well with nearly every type of wedding dress, be it modern or traditional.

Sidharth Thakur