Wedding Eye Makeup Tips

Bridal eyemakeup

Bridal eyemakeup The eyes are actually the windows to the soul. A lot can be said about a person from his/her eyes. Your wedding is that one special day when you want your peepers to look their magnificent best. Before you go in for scintillating eye makeup, make sure you hire a sophisticated and talented makeup artist to do the needful. The right eye makeup can make you look breathtakingly beautiful. Here are some professional eye makeup tips for your wedding day.

Wedding Eye Makeup Tips

Always Wear A Base

Your eye makeup cannot survive without a base and a primer. The kind of base you choose for your eyes will depend a lot on the weather as well as the condition of your skin. You do not want your make up to run so always use oil free, powder based foundation and primer that will help the makeup to stay on. Layering your eyes with a base helps the make up to last for hours, which is imperative.

Prepping Your Eyes For The Big Day

No amount of makeup will hide baggy, puffy and sagging eyes. In order to prevent this, make sure you get your full quota of 8 hours of sleep. Eat healthy for bright and beautiful eyes. Do not forget to apply a good under eye cream to nip those fine lines. You can also use a hydrating mask just for your eyes. Clear eyes will help to enhance the beauty of your eye makeup.

The Colour Of The Eye Makeup

A lot goes into deciding the colour of your eye makeup. In most cases, you will be choosing eye shadow shades that go well with your wedding dress, your mood, persona and the overall theme of the wedding. If you want to go natural, choose neutral shades in shimmery beiges, golden and emerald green. For a more exotic look, dabble in blues, purples and deep pinks. Always try out the makeup first and ask a trusted person for his/her inputs.

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Use A Combination Of Matte And Shimmer

When you are applying the eye shadow, apply a good matte eye shadow to your eyelid crease. Highlight the remainder of your eyes with a good shimmer eye shadow especially in the brow bone area. This will make your eyes pop in all their glory.

Lining The Eyes

Always line your eyes well on your wedding day. Liners add depth and dimension to your eye shadow and the overall effect your eyes exude. Go in for long lasting, waterproof eyeliners for both your upper and lower eyelids.

Use Tear Proof Mascara

Since you are going to weep buckets on your wedding day, suffice to say, waterproof and tear proof mascara will be your best friend. Normal mascara will run and ruin your eye makeup. Apply thick coats of it. Do not hesitate in going for artificial eyelashes to make your peepers stand out.

Get Your Brows Organized

Just highlighting your eyes is not enough. Add character to your eyes by shaping and highlighting your eyebrows. Have unwanted hair removed and use a good eyebrow pencil to define and line your brows. Enhance them with a shimmery highlighter.

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