Wedding Cakes With A Cultural Twist

wedding-cakes As wedding ceremonies are becoming more and more ostentatious, the humble wedding cakes are also taking on the elaborate route. The usual tiered wedding cakes are slowly giving way to cakes with more intricate decorations and exotic flavorings. The present day trend is to have a wedding cake that is somewhat unusual and unique, and definitely one which isn’t plain white.

As most wedding functions are theme based, with cultural themes occupying the center stage, you can always get a culturally inspired wedding cake to make your wedding special.

The Caribbean style wedding cakes

The recipe usually uses a lot of cherries, prunes, black currants and raisins. Finally, the wedding cake is laced with rum, to give it its distinct flavor. What is even more interesting than the cake is the ritual surrounding the wedding cake.

The wedding cake is kept hidden under a tablecloth and every guest who wants to have a look at the cake has to offer money for it. While this custom is believed to bring in good luck, if you are clever enough you can make some good collections this way to cover up your wedding charges. I hope that doesn’t sound too greedy!

Danish wedding cakes

The marzipan ring cake is the center of attraction of every Danish wedding. What is unique about this cake is that the center part of the cake is left hollow and is later filled with candies and fruits, before being decked up with some elaborate sugar decorations. If you’ve got some good Danish baker in close vicinity, then you can even have the portraits of the bride and groom made on the cake.

The Ukrainian style wedding cake

This cultural cake is more of bread rather than cake, and is known as Korowai. Basically it’s a round of bread which has been embellished with shapes made of dough, and the shapes may range from celestial objects to birds to human figures. Additional decoration may also be done with coins, ribbons, foliage, berries, fruits and flowers.

The Icelandic wedding cake

Well this cake has a tough sounding name, so I’d rather leave spelling it out here. Anyways, what’s really exciting about it is that it looks like a tall heap of doughnuts. It’s not actually doughnuts that they use; it is small rings of Almond pastry. These are arranged one on top of the other to form a heap onto which chocolate is poured and finely some icing sugar is drizzled onto it.

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