Wedding Cake Styles

Your wedding day is drawing up fast and you need to choose a wedding cake style. Choosing a style for your wedding cake can prove to be a complex task.

Wedding cake styles may be governed by several factors including your wedding theme, the number of guests planning to attend your wedding, the wedding budget and your personal preferences.

One can choose from a variety of wedding cake styles. The options are absolutely endless. Depending on your personal preference and your budget you can decide on a wedding cake style. Browse through cake catalogues and surf the internet before choosing a wedding cake style.

If you are planning on having a traditional wedding cake, then a tiered cake is ideally suited for you. Tiered cakes as the name indicates refers to multi leveled cakes. Tiered cakes come in different styles including stacked cake and column pillared cake styles. Usually a tiered wedding cake will have three to four layers. You can choose either rectangular, round, square or abstract shaped tier cakes.

The tiered cakes are beautifully adorned with fresh or artificial flowers. However depending on your wedding theme you can decorate your cake with different items. Tiered cakes are normally more expensive than a sheet wedding cake.

If you want only a single layered cake then go in for a sheet wedding cake. These rectangular cakes are more economical than tiered cakes because they are easier to handle, can be decorated in a very short period of time and do not require expensive support material.

The thickness of this cake can be varied depending on the number of people you are planning to have for your wedding. These cakes normally sport intricate icing decorations, fresh flowers and beautiful cake toppers.

For a super elegant wedding cake style, opt for a cascade style cake. In cascade style cakes, square or round shaped cakes are placed on pedestals of varying sizes – increasing in size from top to bottom. The pyramid appearance of these cakes is visually appealing.

If you have that artistic bent of mind, then the sky is the limit as concerns your wedding cake style. You can experiment with different styles and end up creating a wedding cake that is not only unique but depicts the true you.