Wearing A White Dress To The Prom

Prom is a special occasion for every teenager, and no one is willing to compromise with ones looks on such an important occasion. You just want everything to be picture perfect and so you take deep interest in selecting your prom dress and the accessories. For most girls prom is chances to impress or rather bedazzle their boyfriends, or the guy on whom they’ve had a crush for long. No wonder every girl is willing to walk that extra mile to look her best on the prom night.

The prom dress

For the prom most girls put on red or black prom dresses, because these are the usual colors that have been associated with the prom. However, if you’re willing to experiment and walk on the edge we’ll suggest that you try out a white prom dress. White is quite appealing and feminine, and will make you look more graceful and distinct. What’s truly unique about a white prom dress is its ability to make you look more womanly than girly, and that’s how most girls want to pose up at the prom. They want to show up that they are now on the verge of entering womanhood. White prom dresses come in an array of designs, and although white halter necks teemed with white silken pants may look comfortable and affordable, still if you can afford and if you have the ability to carry gowns well, go in for a shimmering white prom gown.

The style

Doesn’t matter whether you settle for a slim fit gown or a fluffy Victorian style, white prom gown is the ultimate thing you can wear to the prom. There are several variants, backless, off shoulder, detailed sequin work, pearl decorated, strapped and so many more from which you can pick and chose based on your body type, your height and your budgetary constraints. And if most of the gowns don’t seem to fit into your budget, you can always get one on rent. And besides searching at prom dress rental stores, check out the collections at bridal stores, since most bridal and bridesmaid dresses come in white.

The accessories

With a white prom dress, diamonds studded in platinum and pearl jewelry are the best choices. And lastly, don’t forget to match your shoes and your hand bag with your dress.

Sidharth Thakur