Wear your Leather Pants in Style

Leather pants, it’s the latest fad that’s gripping the women all over the world. Celebrities, like Sarah Jessica Parker, Rihaana and Lindsay Lohan have helped it become a rage.

So, it’s perfectly acceptable if you too want to try one of those shiny, tight leather pants and draw jealous ‘oohs and aahs’ from your female friends, while making the men turn around their heads to watch you, as you walk past them.

All you have to do is to keep these simple things in minds before trying out a pair of leather pants:

First things first, make correct choices regarding the type of leather pants you want to try on, as you don’t want to come across as a damsel in distress or a stripper at the local club! Wear the pants which suit your body type and which do not look odd on you.

Remember, it is all about looking comfortable and stylish, so make sure you don’t go in for leather pants that are too tight and that make you look like a sausage stuffed in them.

Team those leather pants with the right kind of tops and accessories. Wear a long top that covers your backside, however if you are gifted with a sexy butt and shapely thighs, it’s time to show them off by teaming your leather pants with a top extending a few inches below the waistline.

Team them up with a cardigan or a sweater top to tone down the sizzle a bit. And if you want to add in a dash of spice try teaming your leather pants with a floral shirt worn over a vest.

Wear those sexy stilettos with your leather pants and you’re sure to come across as a hot chic in the party. You can also try high heels having nice leather straps attached to it to get that catty look. However you must avoid wearing leather boots with leather pants, as it becomes too much of leather.

Avoid wearing everything leather except when in the privacy of your bedroom. On a serious note, it is good to pair leather pants with a loose fitting top or tuxedo blazers.

For a smart look, pair a crisp shirt with a leather pant – but please remember not to tuck it in. If you are confident enough, you can even try this look in your office, though we really don’t advise wearing leather to the office.

Invest in black leather pants, as they look good almost on everyone and everything. Besides, they are a safe bet for black leather is always in.

Sidharth Thakur