Wear Sling Back Heels Appropriately

There are certain rules that you need to follow when you decide to wear sling back heels. If you team this pair with the wrong attire you will be headed for fashion disaster. If you want to avert it then read on and follow them.

Sling backs are available for any occasion from home wear to wedding attire. The first rule to wearing them properly is to wear the pair only if they are in mint condition.

This means that your shoes need to have a good sole, the fabric and the heels needs to be in perfect condition and you need to polish the leather and brush the suede before you head out in them.

Sling Backs that compliment Stay at Home Attire

Sling backs that are in leather, suede or soft fabrics like nylon that are styled either flat or low heels are perfect for lounge wear or say at home wear. You can even get your hands on a pair of denim sling back shoes.

They look perfect if you wear them with skirts, shorts or any other skimpy summer wear. The shoes will look fun and flirty if you have perfectly manicured nails to compliment the shoes.

Formal Sling Backs

The formal sling backs are a pair of shoes that is in leather or suede or any other polished fabric. It needs to sport a medium height so that you can wear them with formal trousers or a skirt. If you want to change the look of a single pair of shoes then add embellishments like bows, ribbons, buckles and clips to the shoes; this will change the look of the shoes instantly.

Evening Wear

Most women would opt to wear a little black dress in the evening for any event and what would be more perfect than to team this outfit with a pair of sexy sling back shoes. It can transform the outfit instantly. Look at these shoes as an accessory rather than a necessity and you will be able to pick the right pair of shoe in an instant.

Helpful Hint

Whatever style of shoe you decide to wear remember to wear a pair that is comfortable. If you wear a pair that is too small or does not fit well it will impact your posture, style and your overall demeanor. This will spoil the look of your outfit completely.