Wear A Women’s Motorcycle Jacket For An Edgy Style

Leather jackets have a certain enigmatic appeal to them, especially when crafted rugged motorcycle. There are lots of women who eye leather motorcycle jackets with awe, but never seem to understand how they can wear these without being taken in as hippies or roadsters. Now there is one thing for sure that you needn’t be riding a bike to wear a women’s leather motorcycle jacket.

Accepted that leather motorcycle jackets are macho and edgy in style, but there are several smart ways in which a woman can wear them without losing their feminine appeal. The base rule is to pair them up with feminine dresses and skirts, in softer materials. And for the footwear stick to the feminine stilettos and sandals, and you’ll create a mix that’s simply jaw dropping for men.

Here is how you can get that bold and snazzy look, by coordinating your leather motorcycle jacket with the right clothing.

Pick up the right style
Leather motorcycle jackets for women; come in a wide array of styles with different collars, cuffs, waist belts and embellishments. Get a motorcycle jacket in a standard classic collar, since the newer versions don’t give you that real feel of a motorcycle jacket. Also, it’s versatile in the sense that it can be paired with a variety of dresses. However, if you want something more feminine then a spread collar may seem more appropriate.

The second thing to look at is the length, and there a woman’s leather motorcycle jacket must never go below the waist line. In terms of embellishments, less is better because too many rivets, chains or zippers can result in a somewhat hippie look.

For a fierce and edgy look
When you wan to look like a rebel or a bold and sexy woman, pair up your motorcycle leather with a skinny jeans in some heavy denim. And finally pull on your biker or other high leather boots to complete the look.

For a polished and feminine look
You can wear your women’s leather motorcycle jacket over a soft cashmere hip length cardigan, with a pencil skirt underneath for a completely polished and feminine look. Bring in a scarf around your neck and ankle boots for you feet, and you’ll look polished enough to attend professional client meetings as well.

Sidharth Thakur