Wear A Belt That Suits Your Body Type

2 Women’s belts have never been as popular as in the ongoing season, where they’re finding increased acceptance to cinch in long dresses, sweaters and coats, to create remarkable hour-glass silhouettes.

Wearing belts can be somewhat tricky if you’re not endowed with a perfect runway model figure. Wearing a belt in the wrong size or wrong type, or wearing one in the wrong style or the wrong place, can accentuate the wrong parts, which you would rather prefer to hide.

Find one that suits your body shape

To hit upon the right type of belt for your body shape, the best way is to experiment with different widths and styles. With the belt on, one look into the mirror will tell you whether the belt is creating the right shape or not. Apart from the belt style and the belt width, belt buckle has an equally important part to play and you need to be specific about the size and the shape of the buckle as well. Here is a little advice on what belt style goes with what body type.

Bulging tummies: for a somewhat slimming effect wear a wide belt, preferably one in a dark color and in matte finished leather, and position it around the mid of your waist to make your bulging belly a little less obvious. Wearing one a little lower, say a bit on the hips is also a great way to divert the attention, but this method works only with blouson tops and similar kind of dresses.

Short torsos: obviously you need to lengthen your looks at the same time as to look leaner. And your best bet is a colored belt which matches exactly with the color of your outfit, to avoid segmenting your outfit into different sections.

For perfect figures: for the lucky dames with hourglass figures, a wide belt on the middle of the waist is as good as icing on the cake.

Skinny figures: avoid anything that’s too wide, and go for medium or thin widths to keep up with your body proportions.

Sidharth Thakur