Ways To Wear Your Eye Shadow

eyeshadow1 These 5 tips will help you to know the correct and the incorrect ways of wearing blue eye shadow:

Rule #1: Blue color doesn’t suit everyone. It suits women having a very dark colored skin or those with a light skin tone, platinum or black hair color, and gray or brown eyes. This spring, you can wear a blue eye shadow even if you have blue eyes and blonde hair as that’s the present trend. Only remember not to get the shadow and your eye color match perfectly. Otherwise, everyone will take note of just the shadow.

Additional tip: Blondes should go for taupes and dark browns while lilacs and deep purples are the preferable choice for green eyes. According to experts, the correct blue shade can make even blue eyes stand out while purple and lilac suit brown eyes and women who have a black or olive colored skin tone. Stay away from pinky-purples if you have a pink colored skin.

Rule #2: Learn to blend properly as that’s the main factor. Electric blue shadow can appear attractive on the billboards of the runway and in the pages of a fashion magazine but is not suitable to wear on the streets. This season, you can use bold colors. Just make use of a professional brush for the application and blend the color well.

If you want to get a softer and contemporary look, use a dark blue color near the lashes while applying brighter colors at the edges.

The use of a blue eye shadow can add a touch of glamour to your mundane life. Use an absolute iridescent, pale blue on your eyelids and apply a dash of metallic brow powder to make your skin glow.

Additional tip: If getting a more glamorous look is your choice, use the colored mascara from Yves Saint Laurent Mascara

Moire that gets hold of the light and reflects the same in a beautiful manner.