Ways To Remove Eyeliner Smudges

Ways To Remove Eyeliner Smudges

Ways To Remove Eyeliner Smudges Eye makeup is the most important part of any facial beauty regime. You need to be extra careful while doing up your eyes because one wrong step and you need to start it all over again. Eyeliner application requires a steady hand and a lot of concentration.

If done rightly can enhance the beauty of your eyes manifold. Eyeliners come in pencil and liquid forms. Pencil lines need to be set by using the eye shadow otherwise they won’t remain for the entire day. Liquid eyeliners are applied in one big stroke from the inside of your eyes to the outer edge.

Through clever application of the eyeliner you can change the look of your eyes from smoky and cat like to basic regular office day look. However sometimes in spite of being extra careful if you somehow smudge your eyeliner there is still nothing to worry about. Here below are some simple steps that can take care of the smudges without your losing any sleep over it.

Keep Different Removers Handy

Keep cotton balls or sponge, foundation and removers near at hand whenever you are doing up your eyes or rather during make-up in general because you never know just when something with your beauty regime go wrong.

Make Up Remover

Apply some make-up remover on a cotton ball and gently move it over the smudge surface to clean it away completely.

Apply Foundation

If you don’t have makeup remover for your eyes, still it is no problem, you can get the same effect with the help of foundation. Place some foundation on a cotton swab, if you have the triangular sponge it will be more effective for your purpose since it has better maneuverability and can easily reach the nooks and crannies of your eyes for better cleaning.

To use the make-up sponge first place some foundation on the flat of your palm or on your wrist, now take the sponge and dab it with a little foundation. Now take this foundation coated sponge surface and move it gently over the smudge surface. Repeat this action till the spot is cleaned thoroughly.

Things to Remember

Take care to move your cotton or sponge only on the smudged surface, if done the wrong way you may end up with more problems than you had initially bargained for. If somehow the remover sponge comes in contact with the nearby make-up it may erase out even the rightly done part, forcing you to start all over again.

Also be careful never to use water or your fingers to clean the smudged surface because it increases the probability of messing up with the already neatly done part of the eye make-up, increasing your frustration.

Removing Eyeliner Smudges From Carpet

In order to remove eyeliner stains from a carpet you can use dishwater soap solution in water. Cover the smudge surface with the soap solution. The enzymes present in the solvent cause the protein bonds of the eyeliner to break away thus removing the stain. Allow your carpet to dry naturally then use a brush to clean it completely.

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