Ways To Propose

The feeling of being in love with someone is ecstatic and thrilling.

To strengthen the relationship two people in love come together to be tied in the bond of marriage and live with each other for the rest of their lives. Marriage takes the relationship to an entirely different level. However proposing your beloved to marry you is one such task which makes the pulse of every guy race fast.

The moment of proposing marriage to your beloved is fraught with anxiety, nervousness and excitement. Proposing marriage should be done in a right way so that you can impress your girl and get ‘yes’ as an answer.

The conventional and clichéd method of proposing over a cozy and mushy candle-light dinner is still the most famous and successful way. Plan a romantic dinner either at home or at a mushy restaurant.

Soft music playing in the background along with a table decked with red roses sets the mood for the occasion. Go down on your knee and confess your desire to marry your beloved. Or else secretly drop the ring in her glass of champagne.

If you have a flair for writing, write a poem or a letter confessing your love. Pour out your heart and write about how much she means to you. Place this letter in a glass bottle and bury it under the sand on a beach. Mark the spot so that you can find it the next day when you come along with her.

Indulge her in playing games on the sand and eventually she will find the bottle and your letter. When she is reading the letter, give her the ring and ask her hand in marriage.

Go out on a date with her to a cozy location and gift her three roses. Tell her that the first rose stands for the lovely moments you two have created together in the past.

Mention that the second rose symbolizes how blissful your present is because of her presence. Tie your ring to the last rose. Tell her that this rose symbolizes the beautiful future that the two of you can make together by being tied in the bond of matrimony.

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