Ways To Prevent Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage Pregnancy Pregnancy is no doubt a very beautiful phase for every woman. But pregnancy is supposed to happen to a woman at the right time. If pregnancy happens before or after the right age then the expectant mother may face various social as well as physical complications.

Teenage pregnancy is one such glaring problem which is rising over the years due to many factors. The most important role is played by the parents to avoid teenage pregnancies from occurring. It’s mandatory that parents become serious with their teenage girls to avoid pregnancies as these may create harmful effects in multiple ways.

Possible Negative Effects Of Teenage Pregnancies

The worst effect of a teenage pregnancy is the tender age of the mother. The body of a woman may become capable to bear a child with the onset of puberty but in various ways the body still remains young to give birth to a baby.

Both the mother and the baby falls at risk as the mother’s body is completely not mature to conceive and deliver a baby. Thus, babies born to teenage mothers in most cases have low birth weight or may be born prematurely with a high mortality rate.

A teenage girl on discovering her pregnancy may try to hide it from others as long as possible thus denying herself from all the required care needed during a pregnancy. She may not be aware in all probability regarding what kind of nutrition to take and which are the things to avoid.

Teenage pregnancy more than anything has social disadvantages that are harmful in several ways. The teenage mother may not be able to finish education or her baby may not get proper social recognition which eventually makes their survival quite difficult. Rejection and humiliation are accompanying disadvantages of teenage pregnancies.

Learn Ways To Avoid Teenage Pregnancies

Parents may be the most important people who can prevent teenage pregnancies but any older sibling, responsible teacher or even a friend may also play important roles to help teenage girls to avoid pregnancies.

Sex education is an important and essential part of a kid’s growing up and it must be given to both boys and girls at the right time. Many teenagers lack the knowledge of safe sex therefore landing them in great trouble. While girls must be made aware to protect their dignity the boys on the other hand must be explained that a wrong step on their part may create drastic negative impact on a girl’s life and wellbeing.

It is very important for the parents to build proper communication with their kids so that even if they may not have much control over the kids yet being close and supportive may create strong individuals who are capable of making smart choices. Along with sex education it is also mandatory to teach safe sex techniques.

Explain them that sex can be enjoyed most when they will become mature physically as well as emotionally. Clear any doubts and curiosity they might have regarding sex so that they are not compelled to find it out themselves. Build a strong friendly relationship with your kids so that they can depend on you for any queries and support whenever they need.