Ways To Pin Hair Up In 1930s Styles

How To Pin Hair Up In 1930s Styles

How To Pin Hair Up In 1930s Styles A look at the celebrities of the 1930s should be enough to tell you that this era was all about hair. While the previous decade was about neat and fresh faced style where makeup was in the focus, the 1930s is all about hair.

The famous celebrities rocked this world and the style is still often imitated as the typical ‘vintage, look.  So, what is it about? Well, this look is about shiny hair which is very wavy and has sausage curls neatly framing the head horizontally. The length of the total hairdo must not go down too much below the ears and should keep your neck and nape clean.

Nothing is perhaps more glamorous than this hairstyle. The’ Tennessee Nightingale’ Grace Moore, apart from her voice was also known for her style.  Who can be more glamorous than the famous Elizabeth Arden? Do we need more introductions to this look? This look is not very hard to do. But the hair length must not reach down below your shoulders. Ideally, it should be a couple of inches above your shoulder.

Wash and clean your hair. Hair which has been washed and cleaned on the previous day is ideal for any kind of styling. Freshly cleaned hair may be difficult to style. Put on some heat protective potion on your hair and blow dry it straight with the help of a dryer and a big round brush. This would add shine to your hair. Additionally, foe the wet and glossy look, take some hair gel.

The hair gel must not be the strong hold ones, but the ones which would only make your hair look wet.  Take a little hair gel only as too much of product would make things difficult to work with. Having put on the gel evenly, blow dry it again with the big round brush as you did first.

This would make your hair look very shiny. Blow during it straight is important since, it would take away any messy tangle and the frizzes as well. While doing a curly hair style, it is very important to avoid the frizz, since frizz in the curl would make your hair look like an ugly bird’s nest instead of the timeless divas of great personality.

Now comes the most important part. Take out your big hair tongs. Heat them up to a quite good temperature. Now, section your hair into several sections and pin them up. Taking out each section, curl the lower and the frontal sections. This means, the sections around your head which would frame the face and start curling them.

For this neat look use a good high temperature but not high enough to fry it. Once you take off the curling tong from the section, pin it up with a bobby pin, putting it back in the shape of the curl. Next, take the top sections and curl them, but do not pin hem up because we need big waves in this part instead of the curls. After half an hour or so, when your hair is cooled, take off the bobby pins and you the hair you wanted.Follow up by misting the head with a good dose of strong-hold hair spray focusing more on the curls. Pair your vintage outfit with strings of pearls. Nothing can be classier than this.

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