Ways To Observe Premature Infant Behavior

Ways To Observe Premature Infant Behavior

Ways To Observe Premature Infant Behavior The arrival of a new born changes the whole world of the new parents and their families. Along with immense joy the baby also brings with itself a number of responsibilities and challenges. For the new parents, especially if it is the first time, everything becomes a new experience. 

However, such experiences can be both enjoyable and distressing. With time and guidance from the doctor and experienced parents you can definitely learn and understand your baby’s behavior and respond accordingly. But there are certain different cases as well when the birth of the baby may not be a normal one and hence extra caution and vigilance must be maintained. Such a case is that of premature baby which is born before the completion of the gestation period of 37 weeks.

Understanding a Premature Baby

A premature baby is born when it has to be delivered much before the completion of the gestation period which is of 37 weeks. There can be a variety of reasons for such occurrences which include pregnancy complications, accidents and so on. There can also be a number of symptoms that may indicate a possible premature delivery. Such symptoms include vaginal bleeding or discharge, preterm labor and so on.

Premature babies don’t have fully developed organs and they are very low weight babies. Survival possibilities of such babies are very slim and they have to be kept under constant medical observation and artificially created conditions to help them develop until they become capable to survive under natural conditions. However, there are numerous examples of premature babies who have survived and are doing well. You just need to understand how your premature baby behaves and keep proper vigilance till he or she has reached the expected delivery date.

Essential Things to be Observed in Premature Infant Behavior

You have to calculate the baby’s gestational age by taking the date of the first day of the last menstrual period of the mother before she conceived. The chronological age will be from the date the baby is born while the corrected age is calculated by taking into consideration the number of weeks the baby would have been in the womb if the baby was born at the right time.

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Maintaining body temperature of premature infants is very essential. Keep your baby close to your body to keep him or her warm. Keep your baby well covered always. Your baby may not be able to suck your milk as well. Provide bottles that are especially manufactured for premature babies as these have nipples that are easy to suck.

Maintain a proper record of all the activities your baby is doing and how he or she is responding to touch and other stimuli. Remain most updated with all the care and behavior patterns of a premature baby. Take constant guidance and advice from your physician. In case of some abnormal behavior immediately inform the doctor to give the necessary medical care.

Premature babies need very gentle care along with a very quiet environment. Always keep vigilance on the baby’s movements, breathing pattern and color of skin. Premature babies may not cry much until they reaches their actual due date. They will sleep most of the time with no fixed routines. Have patience and faith and you will see that in no time the hard phase has passed and your premature baby will live as a healthy normally functioning kid.