Ways To Manage Relationship With A Narcissist

Ways To Manage Relationship With A Narcissist

Ways To Manage Relationship With A Narcissist A Narcissist is a person who indulges in self-admiration and self-preoccupation to levels which are beyond the normal limits. Narcissism, in general, is defined as a psychological condition in which the person suffering from narcissism displays outright signs of excessive self-love and lack of empathy.

Narcissist people have a narrow view point towards other people and the world at large. Their self-obsession blinds them to the sorrows and miseries of other people around them and forces them to adopt a self-centred attitude.

Having a narcissistic person in your life, as your spouse, family or friend can be a distressing and exasperating experience. Understanding a narcissistic person can prove quite a challenge because their tendency to be self-serving becomes a reason for discord in most of the relationships.

However, every relationship can’t be done away simply because one of the partners is a narcissist. At times you have to learn to handle and deal with such people to instil better understanding in relationships. This article focuses on ways in which harmony can be achieved in relationships with narcissistic people.

Ways to Manage Relationship With a Narcissist

Change Your Attitude

The very first thought that comes to person’s mind about a narcissist is that he/she is evil. It is true that narcissists are self-centred and at times, selfish, yet it will be wrong to label them as evil.

Not all narcissists are evil. Some of them possess extremely rewarding qualities which can overshadow their selfish tendencies. Narcissists too want good things for people.

How To Manage Relationship With Narcissist

Their only problem is their inability to put someone else before themselves. The have a relational point of view about the entire world in which everything is analysed from the perspective of what good or bad it can bring to them. So the first step towards managing a relationship with a narcissist in your life is to change your own attitude and avoid being judgemental about such people.


Instead of wasting your efforts on trying to change a narcissist, change yourself and adapt to the present circumstances. Changing a narcissist is as good as banging your head on the wall which gives no productive results and you end up hurting yourself in the process. Learn to accommodate and bring the best out of what you have.


Do some research on the internet or else get your hands on some books that can advise you effective ways of managing such relationships. There are several people who have the experience of dealing with narcissist. See what worked for them and whether the same techniques can work for you as well.

Don’t Feel Guilty

Narcissistic people will often try to make you feel guilty by projecting that you are not doing enough for them. However, don’t let them get to you in any case. It is their inability to appreciate someone’s efforts that makes them see others with a negative attitude. If they are not satisfied with your efforts, it’s their problem and not yours.

Vent Out

Instead of being a vent for the narcissist in your life, vent out your frustration on them (but once in a while). Let them know that you too are suffering in this relationship and that you are trying hard to make things work in your relationship. Let out your frustration and let them have an insight on their own behaviour.

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