Ways To Have Red Lips Like Marilyn Monroe

Ways To Have Red Lips Like Marilyn Monroe

Ways To Have Red Lips Like Marilyn Monroe For most women, the word ‘glamour’ reminds of red lipped sirens brimming with confidence. Red has been associated with beauty, boldness, glamour and everything a woman wants.

That red lips are timeless is not too difficult to prove as women in decades have been trying to achieve the timeless look of Marilyn Monroe. With all the mystery, glamour and passion surrounding this diva, men and women have been equally in love with this red lipped siren.

Myths and legends and an aura of glamour have never ceased to be with Marilyn and she has come to represent the ultimate fashion diva. Women of all colors and ethnicity have adopted this look. Even in this twenty first century, this look still remains the most sought after. It has not remained confined to blonde beauty. The red lipstick is still a rage.

You may not posses Marilyn’s blonde hair and blue eyes, but you can still wear these bright ruby red lips to add to your glamour quotient. Only a bit of patience and practice would make you look prefect and equally confident. What we need for the red lips are a concealer pen, a concealer brush, some loose powder, foundation, your matching shade of red (preferably brighter ones), a nude lip liner, a tissue paper, and a lipstick brush.

The key work to this look is keeping your face clean so that all the eyes turn to your lips.  At first put on some lip balm and scrub your lips to get rid of all dry flakes. Begin with your make up with your foundation of your skin tone and make it flawless. Keep your eyes toned down. While doing your foundation, don’t leave out your lips.  Next after you have set your foundation with your loose powder, dab on some more on your lips.

This would help your lip color stay longer. The color would show up in its original tone too as foundation would conceal any pigmentation or unevenness of your lips too. In the next step, take your already sharpened lip liner pencil in nude (closest to your lip tone).  Line your lips following the original contour.

Next, fill up the lips. Filling up the lips with a lip liner would additionally ensure that the lipstick remains intact. Now, take out the lipstick and the lip brush. With the help of the lip brush, start working on your lips starting from the lip line and then filling them out. After you are done, gently dab the tissue on your lips. Put on another layer of lipstick with the lip brush again.

You would want to do this to have the color showing up on your lips richly and making it a ling stay one. We are not done yet. Take the concealer pen and gently put on a line of concealer around your lip line. Doing this would help you correct any mistakes and also brighten up the lip contour. In the next step, with the help of you concealer brush, gently blend the concealer into your skin.

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