Ways To Get Victoria’s Secret Hair

Ways To Get Victoria's Secret Hair

Ways To Get Victoria's Secret Hair How many times have you wondered at the sexy Victoria’s Secret models and wished to look like them? The beautiful models with their perfect curves and the sexy lingerie, is almost every woman’s source of envy and almost every man’s dream. The tanned, panther slim waists and the mane of beautiful hair framing her face and upper torso is often the ultimate idea of simple but attractive woman. Well, you may not have the perfect body but you can nevertheless have that oomph. The real ‘secret ‘of Victoria’s Secret models lie in their neutral makeup with feline smoked out eyes, tanned skin and the big mane of wavy hair.

The hair is too sexy to be missed. The heavily layered hair and the shiny waves start from the eye level and then flow down the shoulders defining the silhouette all the more. However beautiful this looks, surprisingly, it is not a difficult style to achieve. All you need is layered hair and a few items which almost every woman has in her makeup cupboard.

But a heat protective hair serum, a blow dryer and large barreled curling tongs are must. So, let’s get started. The hair is chiefly shiny with big waves. Not curly, but big curls near the bottom portions actually scream out the attention. Wash your hair clean and follow up with a rich conditioner. Then put on a little heat protective serum or conditioner which would also add shine and blow dry it with a paddle brush.

This way your hair would be mostly blown straight which would also add shine and control the frizz. Blow drying it straight would also give you neater and frizz-free big curls. Now, pull out your large curling tong. Put on some more heat protective serum. And lightly put them on your hair tips. This would ensure that your hair does not get damaged because while curling your hair, the hair tips which are more prone to breakage and split ends, are the most vulnerable.

Next, section your hair. Make quite a few sections, because any section more than an inch would not let your do this step effectively. Now unwrap each section and wrap it around your large barreled curling tong. Count ten, and then let it go. Do not wrap your hair close to your scalp as we do not want the big wavy curls to reach up more than bottom three fourth of the hair length.

Also curl each section in opposite direction in order to make it looks effortless. For the front section or the bangs too the same rule would follow. Take smaller sections and warp around it. The wrapping for the front pieces should be done in a direction away from the face. The sections should frame the face and the waves should start from your eye or temples. Now, take out your hairspray and lightly mist it all over your head to hold the style in place and you are ready to go. Walk out and see the heads turn.



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