Ways To Fake Eyebrows With Makeup

Ways To Fake Eyebrows With Makeup

Ways To Fake Eyebrows With Makeup For eyes that speak, doing the perfect eye makeup is not sufficient, if you do not do the eye brows properly to frame your beautiful eyes. Celebrities, who flaunt their natural look, if you have noticed, always have their eye brows done very neatly.

A key to carry of natural looking makeup is properly done eyebrows. So, what is that? It’s the kind of eye brows that does not have too much of stray strands. Look at Anne Hathaway. The heay but perfectly groomed eye brows, paired with natural eye makeup and big lips are a perfect match.

Even Lucy Hale, the teenage television series star who is so famous for her natural looking makeup of which her heavy eye but perfectly arched eye brows steal the show. So, how do we actually achieve the brows we wanted with make up? There are several ways. The first technique was very famous in the nineteen thirties when, thin but perfect eyebrows were in vogue.

What women did is still done by some. This is an age old technique to do the eye brows with makeup. To say to do the eyebrows would be technically wrong. But to get eye brows would be more appropriate. In this method what is done is, the eyebrows are shaved off. Yes, those are simply shaved off with the help of a razor.

And with the help of a soft dark pencil, the brows are drawn in the shape desired. This way, one can have any kind of eyebrows with any kind of arches they desire. This process is the most hassle free. But drawing the brows symmetrically and neatly can be a bit tricky. The main method would be first, to ascertain the line and then, start working up in small short strokes.

Also, a shade that is softer than the color of the hair for dark haired women is recommended as using too dark a shade might make it look too artificial. Next, there is another technique by which one can fake eye brows with makeup. This is a technique which is every woman’s best friend. Just take a dark eyebrow pencil. The tip must not be too sharp and the pencil should be definitely soft.

If you have sharpened your pencil, rub it on the back of your hand to take away the sharpness a bit. The last way is to fake eyebrows with eye shadow or eyebrow powder. An eye shadow or an eye brow powder is almost the same thing. Only eye brow powders come in colors that are easier to choose from. For doing this, first, take an angled flat brush and dip into the eye shadow.

Now, place the stylus along the side of the bridge of your nose. In the eyebrow line, where the end of the stylus touches, start from there, starting from the inner side. In short and gentle strokes, start drawing the ends and then do the arch and finally start filling in gently. Do a little at a time in small strokes as going overboard would completely ruin the look.

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