Ways To Enhance Learning Skills Of Children

It is not uncommon to find some children who do not enjoy studies. They may have a lot of potential, but are not inspired to learn as they have no interest in it.

Attitude towards Studies

Studying essentially requires a positive attitude towards school and learning. There are some children, who fail to get interested in school and some students who spend much time trying to avoid task related to studies. There are many reasons for this kind of attitude.

Learning cannot take place, if a child does not see the need for it and has no desire to do it. This aspect needs to be tackled right at the beginning. This may require a patient understanding of the reasons why a student does not have a positive attitude to learning.

Time management

Another factor that has a big influence is how we manage our time. Thus making a time chart is of great help. Time management is needed not only with regards to all the tasks to be performed but also for specific tasks. The first step is to assess the current use and waste of time.

It is important to distinguish between fixed and flexible activities in terms of the amount of time as well as the time of the day at which they have to be taken care of.  We all are aware that there are times of maximum alertness which may vary from person to person. Some find it easy to study in morning while for some it is a difficult task to study in morning. No time schedule should be treated as shackles to one’s needs.

Also breaks and rest intervals in-between studying are necessary. It could be a rest or relaxation time or change of work, just getting up for a little stroll or any other activities a child feels as play. Broadly allocate time for studies, play, recreation, etc. Study time must further be divided into the study of various school subjects.

Some subjects need more time than others, also alternate between activities that require intensive attention and sitting in one place with those that allow movements and relaxation. When it is difficult to concentrate, it may be best to put it off for a while. The key to effective time management is organization, i.e. planning and arranging the coherent whole.

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