Ways To Do Caramel Highlights At Home

Ways To Do Caramel Highlights At Home

Ways To Do Caramel Highlights At Home Many women highlight their hairs for adding dimension to them and for making them look stunning. Many types of colors are used in highlighting hairs. Caramel colored highlights are also very popular and they are used for adding depth and warmth to hairs.

Women visit beauty parlors and salons for getting caramel highlights. However, caramel highlights can be done at home also as box dye kits are easily available at hair supply stores. Though hair experts recommend visiting a beauty salon if color of highlights desired is two shade lighter than normal hair color, these can be done at home also with following instructions exactly.

How to Do Caramel Highlights

Various types of requirements for doing caramel highlights are caramel highlights kit, hairbrush, towel, hair clips and a towel. Before starting highlighting hairs, it is very necessary that instructions given on the pack is properly read and understood as application instructions differ from one brand to another. There must be an easy access for all types of tools.

Caramel highlights are always done on clean and dry hairs. This is because wet hairs lead to dilution of dye. Similarly, hairs should not contain any grease or oil or dirt. Best results are obtained when highlights are done on well conditioned hairs. This also reduces harmful effects to dye to a certain extent. For application, hairs are brushed and parted as they are usually done.

For example, if a women parts hairs to side, these should be parted to side. Hairs are then divided into sections by running fingers around the head. This task should start at ears and should finish at back part of head when fingers meet. Lower portion of hairs is then clipped so that highlights can be made at crown easily. Dyeing solution is then prepared as instructed.

Since dye can stain clothes and skin, it is better if towel is used for protecting clothes. For preventing staining of skin, latex gloves should be used. Since mixture looses its effectiveness if left for some time, it must be applied immediately to hairs. Dyeing process is started by selecting half to one inch piece of hairs from the back of head.

Brush containing dye is swept across these hairs from root. Pressure applied on hairs while applying dye should be even. Many hair experts believe that finest pieces of hairs should be selected first rather than larger pieces as it provides a good feel for the motion of brush. This helps a lot in highlighting hairs perfectly.

For every piece of hairs selected on the left side of hair, similar pieces of hairs on the right side of head are also selected. Thus, application is rotated from one side to another. Caramel highlights are always done by moving from the back of head towards the crown. After application is over, dye is left on hairs for processing for the time period indicated on the pack.

If application time is less or more than indicated time, optimal results may not be obtained. Afterwards, dye is removed from hairs by washing them thoroughly. Hairs should be rinsed continuously until clear water starts running from them. If needed, mild shampoo may also be used for removing chemicals and residues. Hairs are then conditioned so that they become smooth and shiny.