Ways To Diagnose Miscarriage With HCG

How To Diagnose Miscarriage With HCG

How To Diagnose Miscarriage With HCG Miscarriage may occur without any sounding of the trumpets or beating of the drums. So, sometimes it is vital to look for subtle signs to know that something untoward has happened and immediate medical supervision and examination is required. A physician is the ultimate deciding authority.

Ways To Diagnose Miscarriage With HCG

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG)

HCG is a hormone produced by the human body after conception and during embryo development. This hormone is the initiating factor in the secretion of the progesterone hormone which plays a vital role in the growth and healthy maintenance of the fetus.

Increased level of this hormone in the blood is a sure shot indication of pregnancy and so it is no wonder that a pregnancy blood test involves the determination of the HCG concentration. However, sudden decrease in the levels of this hormone does not portend well for the developing baby.

Don’t Overlook Signs of Miscarriage

Sudden bleeding or spotting accompanied with abdominal cramps, gushing discharge of fluid and back may be the body’s way of warning you to seek medical help. Under medical supervision and through HCG level testing the well-being of the fetus can be determined.

Regular HCG Monitoring

Regular tests to determine the HCG level in the blood or urine is the only way to diagnose miscarriage. During the early stages of pregnancy the levels of HCG increases quite rapidly generally double the present amount every 2-3 days. The most accurate results in the urine test are obtained from the sample of the very first in the morning since the concentration of HCG is highest in that.

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Also make sure that much fluid is not imbibed before undergoing tests. As the day progresses and the urine get diluted it may lead to inaccurate results. Similarly blood tests also may give inaccurate diagnosis due to the presence of foreign compounds like antibodies. If there is some doubt regarding the veracity of the test performed it is a better idea to go for an alternative testing type. Beta HCG testing is used to determine the hormone level in the blood.

HCG Testing

If the HCG testing is done quite early in the pregnancy it will lead to false results. Therefore to get more accurate results it is better to defer the first testing to at least fourteen days after the last ovulation has occurred. There is no reason for alarm at this point of time. It is important to remember that there are no hard and fast rules as far as the amount of HCG in blood during healthy pregnancy is concerned.

The percentage may vary according to the female populace. Therefore, it is important to take note of the initial level of HCG in blood as determined by the first testing. The subsequent test can be undergone after the next three days. Blood serum testing gives much more accurate results than urine. Compare the result of the subsequent test with the initial one if there is no significant increase this may surely be an indication of miscarriage. Continuous monitoring or as recommended by the doctor is important for a healthy and successful pregnancy.