Ways To Cover Bald Spots

Ways To Cover Bald Spots

Ways To Cover Bald Spots Bald spots are very common. These are mostly found on the back or top of head. Women as well as men suffer from bald spots, which destroy looks badly. There are basically three approaches to deal with a bald spot. First of all, a person can let is as it is on the head.

Secondly, entire head can be shaved so that no bald spot remains and thirdly, he can cover the bald spots. While preparing for an event, a person may like to cover the bald spots so that looks can be enhanced. There are certain ways in which bald spots can be covered efficiently.

Effective Ways to Cover Bald Spots

One method of covering bald spots that is deployed by most of people is combing-over. By way of combing over, large bald patches can easily be covered. Even bald spots are not at all visible from a distance. Combing-over requires some expertise, which is gained gradually. In some cases, hairs of a particular section of head may have to be allowed to become longer so that these cover up bald spot perfectly.

These longer hairs can be grown at one of both sides of head. These longer hairs are then combed over the bald spot so that it is covered exactly. Doing this makes bald spot become invisible until combed-over hairs are removed from the bald spot. There are some activities that may lead to removal of comber-over hairs. For example, if a person drives a motorbike or bicycle without helmet, combed-over hairs may be removed.

For preventing combed-over hairs from being removed, some people use hair styling products. For example, hair gel can be effectively used for covering bald spots. In some cases, hairs surrounding the bald spot may not grow long. Thus, a person cannot cover bald spot by over combing. In such circumstances, hats may be worn for covering bald spot. A person can buy hats of different styles and sizes and can wear them while going out.

Even hats can be matched with dresses for getting great looks. Celebrities wear hats very often for preventing skin from sun burn. Thus, wearing of hats do not pass a message that bald spot has been covered. However, there are certain restrictions attached with wearing of hats, which may force a person to adopt other measures for covering bald spot. For example, in a hot weather, it may not be possible to wear hat for prolonged periods.

Similarly, when a person attends a dinner party in a restaurant or hotel, wearing of hat may look absurd. Another way in which bald spot can be covered is by using wig. Many types of wigs are available in market that can be used for covering bald spot.

It is better if a person contacts a wig specialist so as to get the best wig on basis of face cut. Though natural-looking wigs are costly, these offer better looks. On the other side, synthetic wigs are available at cheaper cost but these do not offer good looks. Apart from above, there are certain medical treatments that promise to restore hairs at bald spots. Medications can be taken orally in the form of tablets or can be applied directly to bald spot in the form of liquid.