Ways To Comfort A Sick Child

Ways To Comfort A Sick Child

Ways To Comfort A Sick Child Watching your kid play around joyfully is a pleasure but seeing your kid suffer from pain and sickness can be upsetting. Like adults, it is natural for kids to fall sick and catch diseases. However, when children fall sick, they are unable to express their suffering as coherently as an adult.

They cannot express what they are going through which makes it even more distressing for the parent who watches his/her child suffer in agony. This article focuses on ways to comfort a sick child and bring back the smile on the child’s face as he/she recuperates from the illness.

Identify the Problem

The foremost step is to identify the problem which is causing discomfort to the child.  Sit down with your child and talk to him/her. Try to find out what is troubling your child. If the child complains of a mild headache, a gentle massage with the tips of your fingers can provide him/her relief. Put down the child to rest if he/she complains of fatigue.

Try Home Remedies

Though you might freak out when your child throws tantrums due to illness and might rush your child to a doctor immediately, it is advisable to try some home remedies if the problem is not too serious and if it can be handled easily at home. For instance, when a child grows teeth, he/she might become extremely restless and might cry through the night. A simple home remedy of giving a glass of warm water to the child to rinse the mouth can provide immediate relief.

Stay with the Child

When your child is sick, your presence can bring him/her immense comfort and relief. Stay with your ailing child. Let him/her know that you are their when the child wakes up.

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Sick children appreciate the presence of their parents as it gives them solace and the feeling of being loved and wanted. A mother’s tender touch and a father’s caring embrace can bring back the lost smile of your child.

Give Medicines on Time

Children often throw tantrums while taking medicines but you are wise enough to understand that they are meant for your child’s well-being and should not be missed. Make sure that all the medicines are administered to the ailing child on time and for the duration prescribed. If your child refuses to take the medicine, sooth him/her lovingly and let your child know how important the medicines are.

Put the Child to Sleep

Usually when children are sick, they find it difficult to sleep. Some children do not like staying in bed for long hours. To make sure that your child gets ample rest and sleeps peacefully, read a fairy tale or play/sing a soft tune that can induce sleep. Stay with your child until and unless he/she has drifted off to sleep and keep checking on the child through the night.

Allow Toys in the Child’s Bed

Having his/her favourite toys in bed with him/her will make the child feel comfortable and protected. Allow your child to keep his/her favourite toys in bed while he/she sleeps.