Ways To Adopt A Baby In West Virginia

How To Adopt A Baby In West Virginia

How To Adopt A Baby In West Virginia The adoption laws and regulations are specific to every state and they could vary widely. If you reside in the state of West Virginiaand you wish to adopt a baby then you need to be at least twenty one years or more.

You need to qualify the background check and provide evidence of a stable and happy family unit in which you will raise your child. You also need to undergo an evaluation by social workers to be designated as a prospective adoptive parent. If you want to know how to adopt a baby in West Virginia you have to follow certain important steps. There are also certain laws which you have to adhere to if you want to adopt a child inWest Virginia.

Necessary Steps for Adopting a Child from West Virginia

Select a Reputable Adoption Agency

You need to select a good adoption agency. This is the first and foremost step of how to adopt a baby in West Virginia. The Department of Health and Human Services in the State ofWest Virginia usually does not handle adoption of children who are below eight years of age.

So if you want to adopt a child who is below eight years of age in the State ofWest Virginia, you will need to seek the services of a private adoption agency. While the fees charged by the private adoption agencies are generally quite high you will be saved a great deal of hassle that is normally associated with adoption from a state adoption agency in other parts of the country.

Schedule Interview for Home Study

Another important step to know how to adopt in baby in West Virginia is that you have to schedule a date for home study. During the process of evaluation, the employee from the adoption agency will make an examination of your home for safety and health issues. The person carrying out the evaluation will also explore your family history and your family’s beliefs and expectations.

By doing so, he or she will ensure that the child who is going to be placed in your care will be well looked after and will mesh very well with all the people in your family. You will also need to provide evidence that you have your own home or at least that you have a house on a lease for a long period of time.

Create Non Identifying Profile

You need to create a nonwith the help of a social worker. This is also a vital step for how to identifying profile of yourself adopt a baby in West Virginia. You will need to fill out a questionnaire of two pages with basic information regarding yourself and the members of your family. Such a profile will however not include any kind of information which can be used for identifying you. This information shall be shared by the adoption agency with the birth parents of the child you are adopting only if you give them permission.

Write Letter to Birth Parents

Birth Parents

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One of the steps of how to adopt a baby in West Virginia is that you have to write out a letter to the birth parents of your adopted child. You have to mention in the letter all the attributes which make your and your spouse or partner unique for raising their child. The letter will give the birth parents of your prospective child an insight into your family, your interests and your home. You might include photographs of yourself and your spouse in the letter.

Wait till Selected by Birth Parents

You need to wait until you are chosen by the birth family. This is a crucial how to adopt a baby in West Virginia step. If you have been selected as an adoptive parent by the birth family then you will be provided with all necessary information regarding the child including the child’s social and medical histories. You have the right of refusing any kind of potential placement without any reason without jeopardizing your status as potential adoptive parent.

Legal Requirements for Adoption in West Virginia

File a Petition

If you are interested in the idea of how to adopt a baby in West Virginia then there are certain important adoption laws which you have to adhere to. You first need to file a petition if you wish to adopt a child. You need to file the petition in the district court where you are residing and where the placement agency is also residing. You can also file the petition in the county or court of custodial agency.

Give your Consent

As a prospective birth parent in the state ofWest Virginiayou will need to give your consent to the adoption process. Your spouse or partner also has the right to consent to adoption. However if you are the birth father then it is not compulsory for you to consent to the process of adoption.

You have the right to even contest the adoption along with any other third party which has vested interests. If you are contesting the adoption then you will have to do this in court. The court will then decide whether it wishes to hear your care or it does not.

Provide Evidence of Financial and Other Kinds of Support

When you are a prospective adoptive parent in the state ofWest Virginia, an interlocutory order shall be granted by the court whereby the court will determine whether the adoption process is in the child’s best interests. A study shall be conducted of your prospective home whereby it will be determined as to whether you and your spouse or partner, possess the ability to cater to the financial, emotional, physical, medical and various other needs of the child you are going to adopt.

Thus, if you want to know how to adopt a baby in West Virginia you have to keep certain important steps in mind. If you follow these how to adopt a baby in West Virginia steps then you will be able to adopt a child without much hassle. You also have to fulfill certain legal requirements that are associated with the process of adoption in the state if you want to undergo a hassle free adoption process.

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