Ways To A Younger Looking Skin

Aging is a natural process which every one of us has to face. With the passage of time, our skin will start to lose its youthful charm.

True, we can’t stop the years from passing by. But by taking proper care of our self we can definitely have a younger looking skin which defies our age.

Do follow a regular skin care routine. As we get older, our skin will start to become drier. Wrinkles and lines tend to appear faster on skin which has low moisture content. Moisturize your skin daily to keep it hydrated and healthy.

Exfoliation of your skin is very much important if you want to have a younger looking skin. You should exfoliate your skin once a week, so as to get rid of dead skin cells .You can use sugar which acts as excellent natural scrub to exfoliate your skin.

You can also exfoliate your face by using a homemade scrub made of orange juice, honey and olive oil.The antioxidants present in the orange juice and olive oil will inhibit free radical formation and will thus prevent skin aging. The honey will leave your skin completely nourished and moisturized.

Do not overexpose your skin to the sun, as the UV rays of the sun can accelerate the process of aging. Whenever you go out in the sun, wear a sunscreen which has a SPF of minimum 15.You can also wear sunglasses  to avoid formation of under eye wrinkles.

Make sure that you remove all your makeup before going to bed. While sleeping, try to sleep on your back, as sleeping continuously with your face on the pillow can damage the skin cells and cause wrinkle formation.

What you eat will surely reflect on your skin. Therefore eat a well balanced and healthy diet. Keep yourself completely hydrated by drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day. Water will help to flush out all the harmful toxins from the body and will also help to maintain the skin elasticity.

Follow a very healthy lifestyle. Abstain from habits like smoking and alcohol consumption which will affect your skin adversely.

Finally, do exercise daily. Exercise increases the blood circulation and tones the skin muscles and will thus leaves you with a beautiful and glowing skin.

Thus by following  the above said tips, you can definitely be the proud owner of a younger looking skin.