Ways of Removing Facial Hair

Facial hair has always been an area of concern for any woman who is considerate about her beauty regime. The traces of hair on the face can be embarrassing and a subject of concern for any one who is beauty conscious.

First of all let us assess why is the issue existent? This is hereditary and just like it is with the nails there is hair growth on the face as well. The beauty industry therefore has brought about the best of products to help you deal with facial hair and these products and solutions range from temporary to permanent.

Given the huge variety in products and the large variety of products and the array that is available in the market, it becomes difficult at times to choose which product to use and which ones not to.

Before you choose any product, the first thing that you need to do is to research the product thoroughly and more importantly, a research on self as well. There are a variety of ways to remove the facial hair and depending on which one suits your comfort best, you can choose an option.

For precision removal, threading is the best option. This is used for removal of unwanted hair on eyebrows and eyelashes. This is one of the ways where there are no chemicals involved in the hair removal. All that is required is a thread and an expert hand.

The second way to remove hair is the age old method of waxing. Resin wax is applied on the skin and hair is removed when the wax is suddenly removed too. However, exfoliation is involved in the procedure and the treatment should not be done for sensitive skin as it might cause redness and burning sensation.

A method approved and said to be highly effective is by the use of electric current. Electrolysis is the process that is easy, does not involve any chemicals and is highly effective and hence popular.

The permanent removal can be done by lasers. Laser treatment targets pigment colors and is best suited for lighter skin and darker hair. Light is pulsed to disable the follicle hair in this process.

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